First Coast Connect

The Candy Apple Cafe

A mother-daughter team helped turn a historic downtown building into a wild and playful restaurant for everyone to enjoy.

Jaxsons Night Market

On the third Thursday of every month, Jaxon’s Night Market takes over a downtown park, and turns it into a…

Volunteers in Medicine

Volunteers in Medicine provides free healthcare to low-income, working adults and their family members who lack health insurance.

First Presbyterian Church

Chartered before Florida became a state, the First Presbyterian Church of Jacksonville celebrates its 175th anniversary.

The Jessie Ball duPont Center

The Jessie Ball duPont Center brings the community and nonprofits together in a historic downtown building.

Hometown 405

On this episode of Hometown: The Jessie Ball duPont Center, First Presbyterian Church, Volunteers in Medicine, Jaxson’s Night Market and…
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Canary in the Coalmine Live

Studio 5 Sessions captured Canary in the Coalmine performing live for WJCT’s First Coast Connect.

Wise River “Sionna”

Wise River “Sionna” – Local band Wise River performs their song, “Sionna”.

Calli Marie Bakes

Jacksonville baker Calli Marie, shares her story of how she became the food manager at popular coffee shop, BREW 5…

With Love Charity

Childhood cancer survivor Taylor Scheibe details the story of her charity, WithLove.

Hiromi Moneyhun

Local artist Hiromi Moneyhun talks about her journey as a papercut artist.

Hometown 404

Artist Hiromi Moneyhum, Childhood cancer survivor Taylor Scheibe, The Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program, Jacksonville baker Calli Marie of BREW 5…

Berry Good Farms

Berry Good Farms teaches and employs individuals with intellectual disabilities while providing value to the community through the foods they…

Dinosaurs Unearthed

Dinosaurs Unearthed aims to educate young and old alike through this story-driven and interactive exhibit at the Museum of Science…

By Your Side Books

Florida based publishing company, By Your Side Books, hopes to make reading more special through their line of children’s books.…

M.C. Pressure

St. Augustine based Director of Imagination, Ryan Tempro, shares his perspective on art and Florida through his letterpress company, M.C.…

First Coast Forum: Violent Crime

First Coast Forum: Violent Crime” is a look at Jacksonville’s violent crime rate and what’s being done to lower it.

Hometown 403

On this episode of Hometown: M.C. Pressure, By Your Side Books, Dinosaurs Unearthed and Berry Good Farms

Travelogue: Volume Two

In the last episode of State of the Re:Union, the team brings you a collection of our favorite stories from…
Doo Wop Revival

Doo Wop Revival | 05/10/15

On this special episode celebrating both the program’s 4th anniversary and Mother’s Day, host Glen Fisher pays tribute to the…

First Coast Connect | 05/07/15

State Legislature Session Public Television Stations CEO Pat Butler WJCT’s Relax Radio Around Town with Kerry Speckman

First Coast Connect | 05/05/15

STEM2 Hub Stroke Awareness Month Author Mark Ribowsky, Whiskey Bottles and Brand-New Cars: The Fast LIfe and Sudden Death of Lynyrd…

First Coast Connect | 04/22/15

Foreclosures on the First Coast Author and Cardiologist Dr. Timothy Patrick, “Invest in Yourself: A Cardiologist’s Narrative for Heart Health” Mee…

First Coast Connect | 04/21/15

“State of the Re:Union” Host Al Letson on the Show’s Peabody Award Win First Coast Connect Book Club: “Dreaming in…

Ithaca, NY: Power to the People

The climate is going haywire, and politicians are bickering over what to do about it, or whether to do anything…

UNF Interfaith Center

University of North Florida’s Interfaith Center aims to help students in voicing their values, engaging with others, and acting together.

Kate Garcia Rouh

Local artist Kate Rouh talks about her mosaic art and her newest project on the Southbank Riverwalk.

Cathedral Arts Project

The Cathedral Arts Project provides art instruction to more than 2000 local school children during the school year and in…

Holdfast Flowers

Jacksonville Beach native Kait Smith hopes to generate a different way of thinking through her natural and vibrant floral company,…

Hometown 402

On this episode of Hometown: Kate Rouh, Cathedral Arts Project, Holdfast Flowers and UNF Interfaith Center

Community Sunrise

A group of creative’s in North Florida meet every Sunday morning to celebrate their community and cultivate their craft.

Johnny Dale

Local artist Jonny Dale uses art to communicate his thoughts and feelings.

Bold City Pops

Long time Florida residents Suzanah and Rhonda left their jobs to start a small batch mobile popsicle business.

Hometown 401

On this episode of Hometown: Bold City Pops, Community Sunrise, Jonny Dale and Urban Reefs

First Coast Connect | 04/16/15

Darkness to Light Coalition Parkinson’s Symposium 5 & Dime Theatre Presents “John Coffey Refuses to Save the World” Around Town…

City of Bridges

Tune to WJCT Public Television Thursday night at 8, Channel 7.1 (Comcast Channel 8 & 440) for the WJCT documentary…

First Coast Connect | 04/07/15

Economic and Cultural Impact of One Spark Proton Cancer Therapy Stage Aurora Presents “The Color Purple”

First Coast Connect | 04/06/15

Jacksonville University and Arlington Katie Ride for Life Cole Pepper “Electro Lounge” Host David Luckin

First Coast Connect | 04/02/15

Bill Bishop National Foot Care Month Amelia Island Community Theatre Presents “Inherit The Wind” Around Town with Kerry Speckman

Blues Horizon | 03/30/15

On this special April Fool’s Day edition of Blues Horizon, host Andrew Wiechman presents songs about playing the fool.

First Coast Connect | 03/18/15

Bill Bishop Jacksonville History Museum Author Walt Brinker, “Roadside Survival” Winner Of WJCT’s The Square

First Coast Connect | 03/09/15

New UNF Poll Reveals Jacksonville Voters are Uncertain, Undecided as Election 2015 Looms Generation W Speaker and CNN Correspondent Kelly…

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Discussing the Week’s Biggest News Stories with Our Roundtable of Local Journalists One Spark 2015 Recruiting Volunteers Riverside Arts Market…

First Coast Connect | 03/05/15

How Same-Sex Marriage Legalization Could Lead to an Adoption Boom The Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville Presents International Lecturer Vito Di…

First Coast Connect | 03/04/15

St. Johns River Deepening Forum Community Education Summit Generation W Theatre Jacksonville Presents “The Miracle Worker”

First Coast Connect | 03/03/15

Groundwork Jacksonville iStart Jax 2015 Startup Weekend 27th Annual UNF Great American Jazz Series Electro Lounge Host David Luckin

SOTRU Short: A Couple Twice Born

When someone decides to transition from one gender to another, it’s obviously a big deal in their life. But what’s…

First Coast Connect| 02/27/15

Discussing the Week’s Top News Stories with Our Roundtable of Local Journalists Northeast Florida Vegfest Red Moon Theatre Festival

First Coast Connect | 02/26/15

Advocates Push for State Legislation to Keep Juvenile Arrest Records Confidential Author and Speaker Kim Skinner Douglas Anderson School of…