WJCT is nestled next to Metropolitan Park, Everbank Field and all the events in the area. Often we provide special event parking in our lot and we offer season parking for the Jacksonville Jaguar Football Season pre-regular and post-season.

WJCT Parking

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Jaguars Season Parking

Come be a part of the coolest tailgating lot in the Urban Core! WJCT Studios is selling a limited number of 2018 Jaguars Season Parking Passes. With the excitement of the Jags comeback season and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, the Early Bird deadline has been extended to March 31, 2018! For more information click the banner above or call 904.358.6311.

FAQ – WJCT Jags Parking and Tailgating

The parking lot is open three hours prior to kick-off and will be staffed and secured by WJCT and JSO until 90 minutes after the end of the game.
At WJCT, we encourage a respectful, safe, and enjoyable tailgating experience. Any behaviors that impact the safety or experience of our clients are strongly discouraged. We ask that you and your guests keep the roadways clear, refrain from throwing footballs and other items, playing music or speaking though public address (PA) systems, using obscenities, burning open pit fires, setting off fireworks or incendiaries of any type, or soliciting donations of any kind.
Other than the aforementioned prohibitions, we encourage our clients to come down early and enjoy a true tailgating experience at WJCT. Grills, Satellite TV set-ups, and cornhole games are all familiar sights. As long as your setup is contained within your allotted space, doesn’t block roads or other spaces and doesn’t break any common sense rules, you’re good to go!
Parking, if available, may be purchased at the gate for WJCT events. The exceptions are when the season passes for Jags games are sold out and special events like the Florida/Georgia and Gator Bowl game, which are sold to the host committees in advance. We try to keep your informed ahead of time to purchase these events via email.
Sure! Any available parking for individual events may be purchased, contact Holly at (904) 358-6311.
No, the parking lot is closed 90 minutes after the end of the event. WJCT is a working studio with multiple tenants. Not to mention we host many special events, sometimes more than one per day. WJCT’s employees and tenants need access during regular working hours.
The dimensions for automobile lots (cars, SUVs and small trucks) are 9’x18′.
No, dogs are not allowed in our parking lot for any event.
No, we don’t offer any rides to and from the stadium, arena or other venues. But there are several carts in the area. Check with the parking attendant on the day of for a contact for that game.
We strive at WJCT to ensure that everyone parks in their assigned space, but mistakes do happen. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether or not the car parked in the wrong space did so on purpose, or if it was a legitimate mistake. Regardless, we will do everything in our power to correct the problem, or provide an alternate space for our clients. It’s imperative that your parking pass be visible at all times. Towing is expensive, and without confirmation of a visible pass, you will be towed.
For Jacksonville Jaguars games, a list of prohibited items can be found HERE.
Vehicles and personal property are left at the owners own risk. WJCT shall not assume liability for tailgating accessories or articles left in the car. No liability shall be assumed by WJCT for loss or damage by fire, theft or any other cause to, or by the vehicle, while on property.
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For any questions, please contact Holly Deckerhoff Manuel at 904-358-6311 or at