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Special Guest Fred Matthews Hosts the Show Looking at the Biggest News Stories of the Week and Year with Our Roundtable of Local Journalists St. Augustine Ballet’s Production of “The Nutcracker” Bishop Felipe Estevez of Diocese of St. Augustine on Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra’s Performance of Handel’s “Messiah”

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Special Guest Dan Leveton Hosts the Show Dealing with Depression and Stress During the Holidays WJCT President/CEO Michael Boylan Book Blogger Stacey Goldring and the First Coast Connect Book Club: J.D. Salinger Around Town with Kerry Speckman

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Annual “Home for the Holidays” Adoption Ceremony WJCT/Flagler College Black Heritage Series: Reverend Edwin James Eubanks Holiday Party Legal Dos and Don’ts from Attorney John Phillips Travel Expert Judy Wells

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Studio 5 Sessions : Acapella group “Calmus” performs Christmas favorites

Acapella group “Calmus” performing Jingle Bells for WJCT 89.9. The multi award winning international Acapella group Calmus presents a unique quintet combination of a pure female soprano voice with four male voices ranging from bass to countertenor, each a graduate of the renowned St. Thomas Church Choir Singing School in Leipzig, Germany. Together they have mastered the art of close …

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Reaction to Duval County School Board’s Decision to Change the Name of Nathan Bedford Forrest High School St. Vincents New TAVR (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement) Heart Surgery HabiJax CEO Mary Kay O’Rourke Tech Tuesday: Contributor Joey Marchy on the Biggest Tech News of 2013

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Florida Enrollment Under the Affordable Care Act Getting Your Finances in Order for the End of the Year MEROS Academy First Coast Sports Wrap Up with Cole Pepper

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Analyzing the Week’s Biggest News Stories with Our Roundtable of Top Local Journalists

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Examining the Number of Jobs Created Under Governor Rick Scott Jacksonville on National Real Estate Research Firm Zillow’s List of 2014 Hottest Housing Markets Author Molly Haskell, My Brother My Sister: Story of a Transformation Tech Tuesday: Science of the Winter Solstice

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Hometown 205

In this episode of Hometown, Fred Morrow Reef, Jerrod Brown, Police Service Dogs, Night Terrors.

12: Business Continuity

History has shown that up to 25 percent of small businesses don’t reopen after large-scale incidents. Listen in to find out what Duval County Emergency Management is doing to pair with the business community to ensure this doesn’t happen to our community. Originally aired July 17, 2013.

11: Recovery

After the incident has occurred and the nation’s attention has moved on from Duval County, it is understood that large amounts of work will still be needed to restore Duval County’s economic, governmental, and social systems to a level of normalcy known prior to the incident. This segment will provide an overview as to the efforts and coordination that will …

10: Mitigation

Mitigation lessens the impacts disasters have on lives and property through hazard avoidance, damage prevention and flood insurance. Mitigation includes: wind proofing critical buildings, elevating flood prone homes and businesses, locating residential and commercial development outside flood zones, and creating wildfire buffers around development in vulnerable areas. Listen in as Duval County Emergency Management offers different ways of mitigating against …

09: JaxCERT

JaxCERT training provides Duval County residents basic disaster-response skills necessary to address the urgent needs of their community when professional first responders and emergency personnel are not immediately available. This segment will outline some of the many benefits of the program and how you can become involved. Originally aired June 26, 2013.

08: Hurricane Preparedness (After Landfall)

You’ve made it through the hurricane with everyone safe and sound. Listen in to make sure everyone stays that way after the storm has left Duval County. Originally aired June 19, 2013.

07: Hurricane Preparedness (During Landfall)

After you’ve made a kit, prepared a family plan and hunkered down to wait out the storm in your home, learn what to do and what not to do when a hurricane is making landfall in Duval County and find out the most common dangers of this time period. Remember, safety is the number one priority. Originally aired June 12, …

06: Shelter Life

In the event that you must evacuate your home and stay in a shelter, there are certain tips available to make the duration of your stay more pleasant. This segment will go into some of the items that should/shouldn’t bring with you and provide a brief overview of shelter life. Originally aired June 5, 2013.

05: Hurricane Preparedness (Prior to Landfall)

The skies are blue and the wind is barely blowing. This is the time to prepare for hurricane season. Learn tips and strategies in this segment to keep your friends and families safe if a storm makes landfall in Duval County. Originally aired May 29, 2013.

04: Evacuation Zones

Today we talk with Captain Billy Estep, interim Director of Emergency Management for the City of Jacksonville, about evacuating your neighborhood or town if a hazardous situation arises. Originally aired May 22, 2013.

03: Building a Kit

A disaster supplies kit is a collection of basic items your household may need in the event of an emergency. Try to assemble your kit well in advance of an emergency. You may have to evacuate at a moment’s notice and take essentials with you. Listen in to hear specifics on the suggested contents of your kit in order to …

02: Making a Plan

Your family may not be together when a disaster strikes so it is important to plan in advance. This segment will provide listeners with the importance of having a pre-determined plan for your family in a time of disaster as well as the contents needed to make it effective and where to go to get more information. Originally aired May …

01: Special Needs Registry

The Duval County Emergency Preparedness Division maintains a registry of clients who have been identified as persons with Special Medical Needs. These individuals require assistance during evacuations and sheltering. Listen in to hear specifics on the program and how you or your loved ones can get signed up. Originally aired May 1, 2013.

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Sweet Pete’s

Peter Behringer took his love of creating natural confections and opened Sweet Pete’s, a unique candy shop in the heart of Springfield.

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TEAM UP After School Program

The TEAM UP program is a local after-school program that provides educational enrichment to at-risk students – and Eric Daniel Johnson is a driving force behind the program’s success.

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SLOW Exhibition

The SLOW exhibition at MOCA Jacksonville focuses on artists, whose work in photography, film and video, explore questions of time and duration.

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Surviving Mommie Dearest

Jacksonville business owner Jerry Rosenberg has teamed up with Christina Crawford, author of the controversial best-seller “Mommie Dearest,” to produce a companion documentary “Surviving Mommie Dearest” based on Christina’s one woman show.

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Cliff Leonard: Sculptor

This episode features Cliff Leonard, a Vietnam veteran who took up the art of sculpting late in life and sculpts bust of fallen service members from northeast Florida.