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First Coast Connect | 05/07/15

State Legislature Session Public Television Stations CEO Pat Butler WJCT’s Relax Radio Around Town with Kerry Speckman

First Coast Connect | 05/05/15

STEM2 Hub Stroke Awareness Month Author Mark Ribowsky, Whiskey Bottles and Brand-New Cars: The Fast LIfe and Sudden Death of Lynyrd…

First Coast Connect | 04/22/15

Foreclosures on the First Coast Author and Cardiologist Dr. Timothy Patrick, “Invest in Yourself: A Cardiologist’s Narrative for Heart Health” Mee…

First Coast Connect | 04/21/15

“State of the Re:Union” Host Al Letson on the Show’s Peabody Award Win First Coast Connect Book Club: “Dreaming in…

First Coast Connect | 04/16/15

Darkness to Light Coalition Parkinson’s Symposium 5 & Dime Theatre Presents “John Coffey Refuses to Save the World” Around Town…

First Coast Connect | 04/07/15

Economic and Cultural Impact of One Spark Proton Cancer Therapy Stage Aurora Presents “The Color Purple”

First Coast Connect | 04/06/15

Jacksonville University and Arlington Katie Ride for Life Cole Pepper “Electro Lounge” Host David Luckin

First Coast Connect | 04/02/15

Bill Bishop National Foot Care Month Amelia Island Community Theatre Presents “Inherit The Wind” Around Town with Kerry Speckman

First Coast Connect | 03/18/15

Bill Bishop Jacksonville History Museum Author Walt Brinker, “Roadside Survival” Winner Of WJCT’s The Square

First Coast Connect | 03/09/15

New UNF Poll Reveals Jacksonville Voters are Uncertain, Undecided as Election 2015 Looms Generation W Speaker and CNN Correspondent Kelly…

First Coast Connect | 03/06/15

Discussing the Week’s Biggest News Stories with Our Roundtable of Local Journalists One Spark 2015 Recruiting Volunteers Riverside Arts Market…

First Coast Connect | 03/05/15

How Same-Sex Marriage Legalization Could Lead to an Adoption Boom The Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville Presents International Lecturer Vito Di…

First Coast Connect | 03/04/15

St. Johns River Deepening Forum Community Education Summit Generation W Theatre Jacksonville Presents “The Miracle Worker”

First Coast Connect | 03/03/15

Groundwork Jacksonville iStart Jax 2015 Startup Weekend 27th Annual UNF Great American Jazz Series Electro Lounge Host David Luckin

First Coast Connect| 02/27/15

Discussing the Week’s Top News Stories with Our Roundtable of Local Journalists Northeast Florida Vegfest Red Moon Theatre Festival

First Coast Connect | 02/26/15

Advocates Push for State Legislation to Keep Juvenile Arrest Records Confidential Author and Speaker Kim Skinner Douglas Anderson School of…

First Coast Connect | 02/25/15

Northeast Florida Environmental Summit – Human Health and the Environment Going Green: Greenscape of Jacksonville African American World War II…

First Coast Connect | 02/24/15

The Debate Over Offshore Oil Drilling on Jacksonville’s Coast Book Blogger Stacey Goldring and the First Coast Connect Book Club…

First Coast Connect | 02/23/15

Jacksonville Mayoral Candidate Omega Allen First Coast Success Profiles Generation W Founder Donna Orender Sports Wrap Up with Cole Pepper

First Coast Connect | 02/20/15

Discussing the Week’s Biggest News Stories with Our Roundtable of Local Journalists Commentator Jay Solomon on Black History Month

First Coast Connect | 02/19/15

Downtown Investment Authority Unveils Ambitious Plan for Redeveloping Jacksonville’s Urban Core JASMYN to Offer Expanded Capacity and Services “3 Squares”…

First Coast Connect | 02/17/15

The Controversy Surrounding Common Core The Region’s First Compressed Natural Gas Station Opens Lisa Whelchel and Clancy Cauble, Starring in…

First Coast Connect | 02/16/15

JCCI Launches “Re-Think Aging” Initiative to Discover Ways to Make Northeast Florida Age-Friendly “Still Alice” and Alzheimer’s Awareness Cultural Council…

First Coast Connect | 02/13/15

Media Roundtable Week in Review Pop Culture Philosophy Contributor Nick Michaud on “Fifty Shades of Grey” Dating Advice from Local…

First Coast Connect | 02/11/15

Efforts by the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center to Advance the Rights of Girls and Young Women Unconventional Solutions to Climate…

First Coast Connect | 02/10/15

Southern Poverty Law Center Founder and Author Morris Dees on “Justice for All in a Changing America” Individualized Medicine Going…

First Coast Connect | 02/09/15

The FCC Announces Stance and Proposal on Net Neutrality Aortic Aneurysm Awareness and Prevention Hemming Park Launches Fitness in the…

First Coast Connect | 02/06/15

Discussing the Week’s Top News Stories with Our Roundtable of Local Journalists Grandpa’s Cough Medicine

First Coast Connect | 02/05/15

The Push to Improve Early Learning Programs on the First Coast Generation W Debuts “Generation Works” Day of Service The…

First Coast Connect | 02/04/15

Jacksonville Mayoral Candidate Bill Bishop Middle Passage Ceremonies and Port Markers Project to Commemorate African History in St. Augustine Northeast…

First Coast Connect | 02/03/15

The State of Jacksonville’s Infrastructure After a Section of Liberty Street Collapses into the St. Johns River “Go Red For…

First Coast Connect | 02/02/15

Seventh Annual Urban Education Symposium Aims to Help First Coast Teachers Effectively Teach Young Black Men New UF Health Birthing…

First Coast Connect | 01/30/15

Media Roundtable Week in Review Riverside Fine Arts Presents Contemporary Violinist Daniel D. And Urban Instrumentalists

First Coast Connect | 01/29/15

Ron Davis Discusses the New Documentary 3 1/2 Minutes About His Son Jordan Davis and Michael Dunn Psychologist and Author…

First Coast Connect | 01/28/15

FSCJ President Dr. Cynthia Bioteau on the School’s 50th Anniversary, President Obama’s Call for Free Community College and More Going…

First Coast Connect | 01/27/15

Florida Legislators Debate Laws Allowing Guns on Public College and University Campuses Comedian and Animal Rescue Advocate Elayne Boosler “Florida’s…

First Coast Connect | 01/26/15

Point in Time Count to Explore Homeless Conditions in Northeast Florida First Coast Success Profiles Nina Waters Sports Wrap Up…

First Coast Connect | 01/23/15

Discussing the Week’s Top News Stories with Our Roundtable of Local Journalists Book Blogger Stacey Goldring and the First Coast…

First Coast Connect | 01/22/15

Legal Battles Between Craft Breweries, Big Beer Distributors and the State Comes to a Head Teen Trendsetters Mentoring Program Actor,…

First Coast Connect | 01/21/15

Analysis of President Obama’s State of the Union Address State Climatologist David Zierden on Unconventional Solutions to Climate Change and…

First Coast Connect | 01/20/15

Diverse Coalition of Conservative, Liberal and Business Groups Launch “Floridians for Solar Choice” Ballot Initiative Stickley Furniture Historian Mike Danial…

First Coast Connect | 01/19/15

State of the Re:Union Host Al Letson on the Current State of Race Relations in the US First Coast Sports…

First Coast Connect | 01/15/15

Rabbi Jonathan Lubliner and Dr. Parvez Ahmed on Growing Anti-Islam and Anti-Semitic Sentiments in Europe WJCT CEO Michael Boylan Hemming…

First Coast Connect | 01/14/15

State Representative Janet Adkins on Jacksonville’s Police and Fire Pension Fund Going Green: North Florida School of Special Education’s Berry…

First Coast Connect | 01/13/15

St. Johns Riverkeeper, City Hall, JAX Chamber and JaxPort Form Unlikely Coalition to Remove Putnam County Dam “A Taste of…

First Coast Connect | 01/12/15

The Aftermath of the Terrorist Attacks in Paris Advanced Care Planning Expert Dr. Bud Hammes First Coast Sports Wrap Up…

First Coast Connect | 01/09/15

Discussing the Week’s Top News Stories with Our Roundtable of Local Journalists Commentator Jay Solomon on the Future of the…

First Coast Connect | 01/08/15

Local Churches Merge with Hopes of Bridging Racial Divide Hal Urban, Character Education Author and Lecturer Around Town with Kerry…

First Coast Connect | 01/07/15

What Changes Could Be Coming to Cuba as the United States Reopens Diplomatic Talks Local Think Tank Working to Give…

First Coast Connect | 01/06/15

As Same-Sex Marriage Becomes Legal Across the State, Northeast Florida Counties Cancel Courthouse Weddings Author Eben Alexander, The Map of Heaven Ripley’s…

First Coast Connect | 01/05/15

Economic Outlook for 2015 The Role of Whistleblowers in Reporting Fraud Against the Government First Coast Sports Wrap Up with…

First Coast Connect

Discussing the 2014’s Biggest News Stories with Our Roundtable of Local Journalits Book Blogger Stacey Goldring on Little Known Holiday…

First Coast Connect

Jeb Bush Announces Exploration of 2016 Presidential Bid WJCT CEO Michael Boylan St. Vincent’s Healthcare Mary Awards St. Augustine Ballet’s…

First Coast Connect

Local Change Agent Chevara Orrin on the Legacy of Her Father, Civil Rights Icon James Bevel, and the Current State…

First Coast Connect

U.S. Department of Justice to Investigate Florida Prisons Following Inmate Deaths Food Historian and Marketing Expert Jeff Spear on Holiday…

First Coast Connect

Councilman Warren Jones and Operation Save Our Sons Director Rev. John Guns on Shootings in Northwest Jacksonville and Across the Country…

First Coast Connect

Discussing the Week’s Top News Stories with Our Roundtable of Local Journalists Riverside Fine Arts

First Coast Connect

Jacksonville City Council Passes Amended Pension Reform Legislation Toy Recalls and Child Safety During the Holidays Around Town with Kerry…

First Coast Connect

Jacksonville Groups Protest Grand Jury Decisions in Missouri and New York Challenge Enterprises Ladies Group Home for Disabled Adults Artists…