Monthly Archives: April 2015

Clay County Launches 911 Text Service

For people who find themselves needing help but unable to call 911 Clay County now allows text messages to emergency personnel.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office launched the service Thursday.

CCSO Colonel Craig Aldrich says talking on the phone may not be an option during some emergencies.

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Councilman Bishop Endorses Alvin Brown For Mayor

Thursday at City Hall, Republican City Councilman Bill Bishop made a surprise endorsement of incumbent Democratic Mayor Alvin Brown.

Bishop had said in a press conference shortly after the March Election he would not endorse a candidate in May’s runoff election. Today he clarified, he did not endorse a candidate until he did research to decide who he would support

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Jax Pastors Speak Out About Crime, Advocate For Solutions

A coalition of clergy groups in Jacksonville is sounding the alarm about violent crime on the city’s streets.

This as the city of Baltimore is cleaning up after riots that erupted after an African-American man died in police custody, his spine nearly severed.

Faith leaders worry the same type of unrest is just under the surface here in our area.

However Pastor Mark Griffin of the city’s A.M.E. Ministers Alliance says he disagrees with calls to institute a 9 p.m. curfew in Jacksonville’s high-crime neighborhoods.

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Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment Ends Thursday Night

Today is the last day to sign up for health insurance under a limited tax-filing extension of the Affordable Care Act.

The special enrollment period was created for uninsured consumers who didn’t realize they’d be slapped with a fine if they didn’t have health coverage when they filed their taxes.

That fine is roughly $325 or 2 percent of a person’s income, whichever is higher.

Tony Penna with the nonprofit Enroll America says by signing up before midnight tonight, Florida residents can make that penalty go away.

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Rediscovering Jax: Riverside Avondale Preservation District

The nonprofit Riverside Avondale Preservation has made it its mission to maintain and enhance the historic area just south of downtown Jacksonville. Executive Director Carmen Godwin says the group is responsible for one of the largest historic districts in the nation.

“Riverside Avondale Preservation started over 40 years ago because there were demolitions all throughout the historic district, so all these beautiful historic homes were coming down and so they wanted to save them,” Godwin said.

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Northeast Florida Doctors Ask State, Feds For Help Covering Uninsured Patients

Northeast Florida doctors are pleading with state officials to help pay for uninsured patients’ health care.

They raised their voices in Orlando Wednesday, as regulators held a public hearing on a request for more federal money.

This week, Florida House lawmakers went home from Tallahassee even though three days remained in the lawmaking session. For the first time in more than 40 years, a chamber quit early over a budget disagreement. The culprit: how to pay for uninsured people’s medical care, with a federal program set to expire in June.

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