City of Bridges

Tune to WJCT Public Television Thursday night at 8, Channel 7.1 (Comcast Channel 8 & 440) for the WJCT documentary showcasing the bridges suspended over our beautiful waterway as part of “The Year of the River”.

“City of Bridges” traces the growth that resulted from the construction of Jacksonville’s railroad and automobile bridges across the St. Johns River, and explores the effects – both positive and negative – that the bridges have had on modern Florida, especially the Jacksonville area. Through the years, the bridges have helped to foster growth and prosperity in the suburbs, at the beaches and beyond. They also have contributed to the decline of downtown and the local environment.

WJCT tracks Jacksonville’s transformation from a small 19th-century city located only on the north bank of the St. Johns River to the large consolidated city/county of the 21st century. Helping to tell the story are local residents who witnessed the transformation firsthand. Consists primarily of archival photographs and archival film footage.

For more information on “The Year of the River” visit the Cultural Fusion website.