Latest Faith-Based Single from Duval’s Very Own Dejah Symone Hopes to Make a Believer Out of You

Album art courtesy of the artist (cropped)

Lost Ones,” the latest single from Duval soul/R&B singer Dejah Symone is an unabashed Christian song, which can be a deterrent or an attracting factor depending on one’s beliefs and temperament. Joined by collaborators local indie hip-hop artist Fonzo and H.B. Charles Jr. (local pastor of Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church, who makes appearance in a micro-sermon at song’s end), taken on the merits of its music, with its rubbery low-end bass line, crackling beat and production and Symone’s certain vocal skills in delivering “Lost Ones” is a worthwhile cut.

The relationship with popular music genres and religion is complex; much of the source-code of 20th-century blues, folk and country was programmed by those either seemingly running towards or away from the church. Dogma and doubters aside, Dejah Symone and “Lost Ones” surely is a reminder that there are wide parameters to Northeast Florida music, open enough for the sacred and profane, and all points in between.

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