Song of the Day | “The Kill” by Maggie Rogers

Singer, songwriter, producer and former viral sensation Maggie Rogers' sophomore album is 'Don't Forget Me' | Courtesy of the artist

The songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Maggie Rogers has had the kind of career arc that’s rare among her peer group of viral video sensations – that is to say: a relatively enduring one.

Rogers was first “discovered” by Pharrell Williams when the mega-star/producer visited NYU where she was then a student. Rogers performed a song for him and (skip the next couple sentences if you already know this), he was blown away – “no notes!” The video, posted some months later, went viral. She signed with Capitol and has since proven herself more than a one-trick pony.

While Rogers packed her sophomore full length, Don’t Forget Me (out now), with a fair amount of the analog-meets-digital umami that first impressed Pharrell, it’s more of a straightforward affair, with infectious, well-executed pop aplenty. On “The Kill,” Rogers puts her manifold influences on display. It’s a little Tears for Fears, a little Shania Twain, a little Sixpence None the Richer. A potent mix.

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