Duval Indie-Pop Impresario HUAN Delivers an Anthemic Takedown with “Finer Things”

As HUAN, Duval musician Juan Mollorca continues to deliver competent and soulful indie-pop | Courtesy of the artist

Operating in a creative realm parallel to bedroom dream-pop exists Duval-based musician HUAN, aka Juan Mallorca, who throws a little nuanced neon light and electronic-soul on his DIY domain. Mallorca’s garage-rock jollies are satisfied with his project Jawberry and he’s also the mastermind behind the latin-trap entity, Chico Honey.

Over a breezy riff that is smooth to the point of a high sheen, as HUAN and with “Finer Things” Mallorca serves up a laid-back takedown of a superficial woman who sounds like both his muse and nemesis, “breaking hearts / with daddy’s credit card,” keyboard jabs pushing the beat forward, with a production as crisp as a popped collar. A summer jam arriving in late winter, with an anthemic chorus readymade for a crowd singalong, “Finer Things” will satisfy listeners who are keen for clubhouse jams.

Meantime, HUAN is enjoying serious hits on streaming platforms, releases savvy and bilingual-leaning music for 21st-century audiences. Considering the capricious and untrackable tastes of the hit-making fates, hopefully 2024 will be his year to hit the lottery of the fame-making gods.

Stream “Finer Things” on your preferred platform here.

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