Jacksonville Indie-Soul/R&B Singer Sailor Goon Fires Up the Winter with New Single, “Weathered”

Singer-songwriter Sailor Goon returns with a new single | Brandon Mosquera, courtesy of the artist (cropped)

The latest from meta-chill Duval singer-songwriter Sailor Goon builds on the genre-deconstructing qualities of previous singles “Milk & Bones,” “Just for Me” and “Persian Rugs.”

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A minor-key ballad of plucked acoustic guitars and bare-bones bass and drums, “Weathered” descends forward as Sailor Goon (aka Kayla Le) sings about a dizzying amnesia that’s either self-induced (“I’m never getting high enough to see above the clouds / Suddenly I forget about who I was”) or inculcated by good old heartbreak. She shifts gears on the outro, both musically and with a new-found self-acceptance and resolve: “Guess you wasn’t really my type / Picked you when you wasn’t that ripe / Imma take back my time / Juiced me right up outta my rind.”

Sailor Goon retains an impressive ability to operate between the bitstream of soul, R&B, and indie music; which is a rare thing when considering the default mode of many singer-songwriters to be influenced by the blunt barrage of playlists and unavoidable presence of pop music surrounding us. Like the better ballads, her pain is our gain. While “Weathered” is here and gone in less than two minutes, any new offering from Sailor Goon is well worth the wait. 

Watch Sailor Goon performing at the Blue Jay Listening Room as part of our Local Showcase Series back in 2021

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