‘Tapes Volume 1,’ New Release from Jax Indie-Rock Band Seagate, is a Fine and Furious Collection

Guitarist and songwriter Sam Baglino (second from right) and his bandmates in Seagate go primal and proto punk on a new EP | Courtesy of the artist

From the not-yet-fully developed prefrontal cortex of guitarist and songwriter Sam Baglino (kid is 21-years young), Jacksonville indie-rock band Seagate‘s Tapes Volume I is a six-song release of lo-fi, careening electro-shock-punk jollies.

Opening track “Mind Control” hits hard, with a crushing groove and hyper guitar hook that is, whether through accident or intention, straight-up 1970s protean punk that is tasty No Wave adoration. Baglino recorded “Mind Control” and the record in total on a Yamaha MT4X tape recorder, drums bounced from a Soundcraft mixer, a Roland JC120 Jazz chorus, and the home-recordist’s required magical implement: a Shure SM57 microphone. The end result is a kind of vast claustrophobia encased within wobbly guitar, a dive-bombing bass line, and Baglino’s vocals that veer from the plaintive to an aggro howl.

Mastered by Glenn Michael Van Dyke (Kairos Creature Club, Boytoy, Winterland Presents), “Mind Control” is akin to discovering some long-out-of-print KBD vinyl 7” at a late-weirdo’s estate sale, and is surely worth it’s frantic brainwash. 

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