Jax Rockers Coyboi Dance Through a Dream on New Live Single “Violets”

Coyboi live shot
As they prove on a new track recorded on Gainesville's Heartwood Soundstage, Jacksonville's Coyboi delivers as a live act | Courtesy of the artist

Jacksonville indie-pop duo Coyboi deliver hopelessly romantic rock on “Violets,” their new track recorded live at Gainesville’s Heartwood Soundstage earlier this year and released late last week. 

The project of vocalist Cortnie Frazier and multi-instrumentalist Ihlan Magloire, Coyboi came together in August 2020, a pandemic project that has stood the test of tough times. Though Frazier and Magloire are actively involved in the Jacksonville music scene as cover band performers, session musicians and so on, Coyboi is their outlet for “whatever the heck they want to do” as artists, per their bio. That freewheeling pursuit of sound is plain to hear across their 2020 debut EP Trixie Street, as Coyboi blend jazzy, dreamy and explosive moments alike with a light touch and a steady hand—and “Violets” is no different.

Frazier and Magloire are joined by live members Ty Sullivan (drums), Jon Ward (bass), Mitchell Fountain (guitar) and Carlos Visozo (saxophone) at Heartwood Soundstage, pairing Frazier’s plaintively pretty vocals with dynamic full-band instrumentation. Over Magloire and Fountain’s clean, bright guitars, Frazier serenades someone who sounds like the love of a lifetime: “I’ve been alone, dear / But your voice rings in my ears / Echoes through the silence / Pretty face like violets.” Nimble riffs dart in and out of Frazier’s words until taking over entirely in an exhilarating third act, all pounding drums and math-y guitar-monies.

Coyboi have shows on the horizon, including a set at Jacksonville Beach’s Oktoberfest this Saturday, Oct. 7—and as you’ve now heard, they deliver as a live act.

You can stream “Violets (Live From Heartwood Soundstage)” here and watch the performance above.

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