Locals Chalk Tiger Serve Up Fierce Growling Rock That Breaks Out of the Punk-Rock Cage

CHalk Tiger press photo
The gig-hungry Jacksonville trio Chalk Tiger have new music out and a bunch of shows on the calendar | Courtesy of the artist

Taken from their just-released full-length High Charity, the tune “Dange Close” from Chalk Tiger claws at all of the elements that arguably make punk rock a make-or-break affair.

Thankfully, the volition of this Northeast Florida trio has more melodic quirks than rote ’77-style punk while also boasting a surfeit of grit that keeps them from succumbing to coy indie-twee that leaves one in a somnambulant hangover. Local as boiled peanuts and neck-bellies, the song and album were recorded at Warehouse Studios and the production has a crisp and no-frills mix that accents the strengths of Chalk Tiger: in this case, snarling vocals a-plenty, trebly bass, shard-stabbed guitar tunes, and even the classic “1-2-3-4”-breaks that is the veritable blowing shofar/bugle/sound healing bowl of the slam pit.

The band (guitarist/vocalist Bryce Powell, bassist/vocalist Ryan Cobb and drummer Blake Powell) have covered a lot of ground in a short time. Gig hungry that borders on ravenous, Chalk Tiger are regulars at area venues (including an upcoming gig this Thursday, October 5 at The Walrus and opening for MSSV at Jack Rabbits on Saturday, October 21) and contain elements of a worthy and equivocal garage-rock energy that only adds to their overall appeal. Good stuff.

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