Live Session | Watch Frankie and the Witch Fingers Melt Faces on the JME Soundstage

Frankie and the Witch Fingers press photo
(From left) Josh Menashe, Nick Aguilar, Nikki Smith and Dylan Sizemore of LA-based psych-rock outfit Frankie and the Witch Fingers. In October of '22, the band played the JME Soundstage inside WJCT Studios | James Duran, courtesy of the artist

Nearly a decade of constant touring is paying dividends for the L.A.-based psychedelic-rock outfit Frankie and the Witch Fingers.

The group cranks out energetic, riff-heavy earworms befitting of a band that has shown incredible stamina. And their seventh-studio record, Data Doom (out now via Greenway Records) is poised to make the band’s extraneous nom de plume (there are no Frankies in the band) a household name. Together with the additions of bassist Nikki Smith (formerly of Death Valley Girls) and drummer Nick Aguilar, longtime co-conspirators and chief songwriters Dylan Sizemore and Josh Menashe explore new sonic territory on Data Doom, pulling inspiration from Afrobeat, Miles Davis’ electric period and the systems science writer Riane Eisler, among other seemingly disparate touchstones.

Backed by a legion of loyal fans converted over a decade of incessant touring and armed with perhaps their best long player to date, the group is is hitting their stride. As they embark on yet another North American tour, tracks from Data Doom are barnstorming AAA and college-radio playlists across the country and the band recently performed a set in the hallowed studios of Seattle’s KEXP.

Back in October of ’22, Frankie and the Witch Fingers joined a bill with legendary Zamrock group WITCH here in Jacksonville at WJCT Studios. They kicked off their set with Data Doom opener “Empire,” a track which is arguably the group’s best swing to date at bottling up the vigor and dynamics of a Frankie live show – errant feedback, potent crunch, deft grooves and riffs for days. It’s face melter. Watch above.

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