On ‘Low Cost Cobra,’ Jax Synthwave Duo Limo Scene Tap Into Feel-Good ’80s Revivalism

Limo Scene album cover
Synthy Jacksonville band Limo Scene is dropping their lighthearted '80s-inspired full length on an appropriate format: cassette | Cover art courtesy of the artist (cropped)

Rolling forward with their recently released full-length album, Low Cost Cobra, local synthwave duo Limo Scene continue with their celebratory obsession with ‘80s new wave sounds.

The opening cut from the six-song collection, “Vocode” essentially sets the neon-lit stage for the remainder of the album. A four-on-the-floor beat and soft-funk guitar chord progression ballast the four-minute groove of “Vocode.” A wave of gurgling synth arpeggios and sustained chords swirl in and around the tune, with a deep bass note pinning the whole affair in place. As the song builds up to a fuzz-guitar solo, snippets of a “Max Headroom”-style voice jab into the production.

The vocals for “Vocode” are buried in reverb, low in the mix. But the song is wired for dancing, not at thesis. “Vocode” can surely be envisioned being blasted through a Blaupunkt cassette stereo (Dolby in the on position), barreling through the toll booth in a Volkswagen Scirocco.

In total, it’s hard to imagine that Mason and Paul of Limo Scene aren’t delivering the high-chromed saccharine sound of their music without an ironic smirk; a move that is fully allowed. Dozens of musical artists, from Frank Zappa to Ween, have struck gold and creative sincerity while digging through satire and parody. According to their site, the band was apparently formed after the duo were inspired to construct a song using a snippet of Leonard Bernstein’s instrumental score for the original Ghostbusters. So, it’s established that Limo Scene are definitely not a blues-based band. And the pair aren’t afraid to take their transistor bliss to the stage. They routinely play locally and are hosting a party on August 19 at Root Down for the cassette version of Low Cost Cobra

If you’re into feel-good ‘80s revivalism (including the band’s penchant for authentic Members-Only-style onstage fashion), then Limo Scene and Low Cost Cobra are offering a ride into electronic-dance jollies.

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