On “Eat Paper,” Experimental UK Combo Food People Serve Up Tasty Psych 

Food People album cover
U.K. lo-fi band Food People have a new album full of delectable psychedelic treats | Album cover (cropped)

The Nottingham, U.K. trio Food People stay true to the DIY loose-ethos freedoms of what is considered lo-fi without being unfaithful to the band’s own hazy, cryptic romanticism.

A track from their new full-length release, Many Glorious Petals, the four-and-a-half minutes of “Eat Paper” rolls forward as a placid soundtrack for travelers on the road with the vaguest of directions and not a map in sight. Kicking off with an analog-synth whistle, “Eat Paper” builds itself from the ground up with a warbling, circular guitar motif. The arrival of a minimal drum machine beat, sawing violin, and clacking percussion are the de facto chorale for the wordless instrumental.

Whether through default or design, the takeaway from “Eat Paper” evokes the meandering, only-fans-favorited  soundtrack-era of Pink Floyd as much as the contemporary experimental boglands that Food People inhabit. Fans of musical day tripping with no fixed destination in mind would do well to take the veering ride with Food People.

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