Coastal Creature Kick Back and Sip “Lemonade” on Breezy New Single

Coastal Creature press photo
Indie pop duo Coastal Creature makes clear summer is not quite over with their new single "Lemonade" | Mandy Rodriguez, courtesy of the artist

Duval DIY indie-pop duo Coastal Creature are plotting the fall release of their debut EP, but in the meantime, they’ve shared a new tune to keep you cool through the summer swelter. Lead single “Lemonade” is out as of this week, with a music video to follow in early September.

Erica Reese and Parker Dixon, then recent Florida transplants, met in 2021 and quickly bonded over their shared love of “synthesizers and shimmery Stratocaster riffage,” per press notes. That particular passion shines through on “Lemonade,” a laid-back, gently psychedelic pop track that evokes the carefree feeling of “Layin’ down in the shade in the Sunshine State / Sippin’ lemonade, sip sippin’ lemonade.” Skittering drum machine keeps the instrumental moving at a brisk pace, while a dreamy guitar riff and synth sparkle swirl around Reese and Dixon’s vocals.

There’s a bittersweet undercurrent to the track that adds depth, like the shadow to its sunshine — these peaceful times can’t last forever, and Coastal Creature know it. “We sleep until the sunlight crashes in / I’ll never wake up as young as this again,” the duo harmonize, only to admit, “I don’t care if you waste all my time.” In the downtempo bridge, Reese looks ahead: “Pigment in your skin will fade / But I hope nothing has to change.” That doomed hope’s romance is met by another hooky chorus, as Coastal Creature sip lemonade while the sun sets.

Details on the duo’s debut project remain scarce at the moment, but we’ll update you when that changes. “Lemonade” is their second single to date, following last year’s “Calypso.”

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