Dub Master Pachyman Brings His Vocals to the Front of the Mix on “Trago Coqueto”

Pachyman press photo
Pachyman is back with a new single, the dub master's first time singing lead | Abraham Recio, courtesy of the artist (cropped)

As Pachyman, L.A.-based multi-instrumentalist Pachy García has proven himself a master of dub, the musical style first popularized in late-’60s Jamaica by King Tubby and the late, unimpeachably great Lee “Scratch” Perry. Like his dub daddies and forefathers, Pachyman has made the studio console his lead instrument, bending and transmogrifying recorded audio to his whims to create mesmerizing and enjoyably-chill-AF productions across an ever-growing catalog.

On his first release since the 2021 full-length masterpiece The Return of Pachyman, García brings his own vocals to the front of the mix. An ode to his formative years in Puerto Rico, “Trago Coqueto” is a witty and amusing love song, the lyrics of which unfold over a paradisiacal soundscape that — true to form — includes synth stabs, muted-guitar skanks and a smattering of auxiliary percussion.

Combined with a colorful and highly stylized music video that finds García confidently vamping for the cameras, “Trago Coqueto” foreshadows both the artist’s emergence from behind the studio desk and The (new-yet-vintage) Return of Pachyman.

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