On ‘Sunburn,’ Multi-Talented Florida-Bred Superstar Dominic Fike Shines Bright

Dominik Fike press photo
Florida-bred musician-turned-actor Dominik Fike's latest album 'Sunburn' finds him traversing new lyrical and sonic territory | | Daniel Prakopcyk, courtesy of the artist (cropped)

Over the last few years, Naples-native Dominic Fike has found himself in rarified air: A bonafide, Florida-bred superstar.

Perhaps more widely recognized for his role as Elliot on the HBO original Euphoria, before Fike was acting, he was making music here in the Sunshine State. In July, Fike released his third full-length album, Sunburn.

Over the course of the record’s 15 tracks, Fike tells a story of growing up in Florida, his family, drug addiction, with all the gritty details between love and distrust that make life worth living. In an Instagram post celebrating the release of the album, he wrote, “Most of the songs I made in a house I rented in studio city. I lived alone with no furniture, just a studio, half a bed and a very whole addiction. But I cleaned up and finished these songs with some very dear friends.”

In contrast to his last album, What Could Possibly Go Wrong, Sunburn incorporates more alternative rap, nodding to his start in music back in 2013 when he rapped with a group called lameboyzent. 

If you’re wondering why the track “Think Fast,” sounds so familiar, it’s because interpolations of Weezer’s “Undone (The Sweater Song),” are used in it. Fike wrote the song with Rivers Cuomo, front-person of the ’90s alternative-rock outfit. Another standout track is “Mona Lisa,” which was included in the Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse soundtrack. My personal favorites are “Sunburn” and “Mama’s Boy.” With Fike’s whirring guitar riffs and new additions like horns and choir harmonies in some of the songs, the sound of the album is fresh and invigorating.

Fike’s currently on his Don’t Stare At The Sun tour, and the closest stops to Jacksonville are Atlanta and Miami. 

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