Jax Indie-Band Teal Peel Packs an Ocean’s Worth of Character Into New Song “Sandy”

Teal Peel press photo
Taylor Paul Neal (pictured) and his band Teal Peel has released an EP, featuring the beachy title track "Sandy" | Courtesy of the artist (cropped)

Can’t stand the sight of seagulls

They freak you out and they’re kinda annoying as hell

So says Jax musician Taylor Paul Neal on the latest Teal Peel single, “Sandy.” Fans of Pavement and Mercury Rev are bound to appreciate the cheeky lyricism of the local indie rock outfit’s new songs. I mean, who among us here in Northeast Florida hasn’t been annoyed by a seagull at some point? And raise your hand if you’ve ever hated the feeling of sand between your toes.

This single packs tons of character, especially those surprising little Roy Orbison-esque “ba-dum ba-dum-dums” that conclude each chorus. With surfy pedal steel, washy drums, and a brass section that swells like waves and trills like gulls, this song feels downright oceanic. Dynamic guitars and thick reverb contrast satisfyingly against clean and centered vocals. It’s a tune you’ll want to add to all your summertime playlists.

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