Jax Hip-Hop Group L.O.V.E. Culture Shares New Video, Provides Update on East Coast Tour

L.O.V.E. Culture Press pic
Members of L.O.V.E. Culture (from left)Spiritxiii, Ché Forreign, Flash the Samurai, Rob Mari and Easyin2D with DJ Larry Love (far right) | Credit: Robert Bredvad, courtesy of the artist

When it came time to curate our 2023 Jacksonville Artists to Watch list, we made a concerted effort to not repeat any artists from the previous year’s list. In the case of Duval hip-hop collective L.O.V.E. Culture, we made an exception.

If they ever hit a ceiling at all after the release of their debut full-length, 1827 N Pearl, in late 2021, the five-piece — Ché Forreign, Flash the Samurai, Spiritxiii, Easyin2D and Rob Mari — arguably crashed right through it, and continue to climb higher, with a slew of both solo and collective releases in the year since. In February, the quintet launched a campaign to crowdsource their first official tour. They’ve postponed the run, which will include several East Coast dates, until late Spring, according to a recent Instagram post.

The group recently shared a new video for “Untitled 2,” a track from 1827 N Pearl, which opens with laidback flow from Forreign, Flash and Easy over a jazzy, piano-forward melody, before shifting gears with a spooky, rattling bass line and some murky ambient sounds. Watch the video above. And scroll down to watch the group perform two songs from the JME Soundstage.

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