Jax Indie-Rock Band flipturn on the JME Soundstage

flipturn performing live at WJCT Studios
flipturn performed an energetic set of tunes from their Dualtone Records debut 'Shadowglow' on the JME Soundstage | Credit: Rain Henderson

Indie-rock band flipturn is ascendant. The Fernandina-founded, now-Jax-based quintet is probably the biggest Jacksonville-music success story since Black Kids blew up in the early aughts. 

Watch flipturn, as well as performance videos of other local and nationally touring artists on our NPR Live Sessions Page

On the strength Shadowglow, their debut for unimpeachably cool boutique label Dualtone (Shovels & Rope, Angie McMahon, The Lumineers), flipturn has been selling out shows across the country, with legions of newly-converted fans singing along with singer and rhythm guitarist Dillon Basse’s anthemic hooks. 

Alongside Basse, the group – Tristan Duncan (guitar), Madeline Jarman (bass), Mitch Fountain (synth) and Devon VonBalson (drums) – stopped by WJCT Public Media in early January during a short respite from their ceaseless touring schedule. The unquestionably road-tight band played two songs from Shadowglow and chatted with me about their meteoric rise and what’s on the horizon for flipturn in 2023. Watch the full performance above. Or head to our NPR Live Sessions page to view performance videos from flipturn and other local and nationally touring artists. 

filpturn plays two nights at Intuition Ale Works beginning Friday, June 16 as part of our JME Presents Music Discovery Series. Tickets are on sale now.



“Space Cowboy” 


Dillon Basse – Lead vocals, rhythm guitar

Tristan Duncan – Lead guitar

Madeline Jarman – Bass

Mitch Fountain – Synth

Devon VonBalson – Drums


Host: Matthew Shaw

House Engineer: Cheikh Walker Williams 

Session Engineer: Taylor Paul Neal

Mix/Master: Taylor Paul Neal

Cameras: Rich Conner, David Luckin, Andrew Wiechman, Josh Torres

Editor: Rich Conner

Projections: Tachyons+

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