Carissa Marques’ Favorite Albums of 2022

Graphic of Carissa Marques with favorite albums
JME contributor Carissa Marques, aka @theindiepopsicle, with a few of the mood-enhancing and/or melancholy albums that were in her personal rotation in 2022 | Credit: Design by Rain Henderson

As we spin the final grooves of 2022, JME Contributors are recapping their favorite music of the year.

Each year feels like a marathon trying to keep up with the newest music and catching up with the hits I missed from the year prior. This year, I found myself listening to albums as a way to try and grow closer to people. I feel like I’m able to get a better understanding or even just appreciation for a person based on sharing music with them.

My absolute favorite album that came out this year would be Omar Apollo’s Ivory. I was able to see him perform it live in Orlando at the House of Blues, and it was one of the most memorable concerts I’ve been to. Its sonic range perfectly showcased my musical taste, from poppy rock hits like “Talk” to danceable R&B tracks like “Tamagotchi” and lamenting heartbreak ballads like “Evergreen” and “En El Olvido.”

Last year I made a promise to myself that I would try listening to more happy music and less “sad indie girl” stuff to try and help with my mood (newsflash: it worked). I highly recommend everyone finds an album they can dance in their room to for a temporary case-of-the-blues cure. 

My top five: 

Ivory, Omar Apollo

Un Verano Sin Ti, Bad Bunny 

Preacher’s Daughter, Ethel Cain 

Dance Fever, Florence + The Machine 

Lucifer on the Sofa, Spoon

Other standout albums that reflected my change in mood, as well some wistful, melancholy favorites:

RENAISSANCE by Beyoncé, CRASH by Charlie XCX, Sexy by Coco & Clair Clair, Lonestardom by Colyer, CAPRISONGS by FKA twigs, Shadowglow by flipturn, Revealer by Madison Cunningham, MOTOMAMI by Rosalía, Cypress by Sarah Kinsley.

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