Go | Australian punks The Chats at Underbelly

Even Dave Grohl is a fan!

The Chats press photograph
Raucous Aussie punks The Chats will visit Jacksonville in October | Credit: Press photograph by Luke Henery

Quotable Australian punk sensation The Chats are on tour in support of their latest album Get F*cked and are set to stop in Jacksonville on Wednesday, October 26 at Downtown’s Underbelly.

Surfacing first from the Sunshine Coast, the band has repurposed their deranged sound in Brisbane, going completely rogue with vicious rebellion by means of gruff vocals and blitzkrieged guitar at high volume. The crass trio cultivated mainstream recognition after the release of the iconic 2017 single “Smoko” off their album Get This In Ya — for many the first introduction to the ironic bowl-cut mullet of frontman Eamon Sandwith.

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After apathetic interviews on morning shows and news specials in Australia, The Chats released an even scrappier album amidst the frustrations of 2020, High Risk Behaviour, a record that earned high praise, including the award for Best Independent Punk Album from Australia’s Independent Records — the album even made a fan out of Dave Grohl. Now touring the world with an album whose title shalln’t be uttered on Public Radio, their lead single “Struck By Lightning” has spent months on the Australian charts. 

The Chats play Underbelly on Wednesday, October 26 with support from GYMSHORTS. Tickets are on sale now.

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