Local Spotlight | 4 New Tracks by Jax Artists Out Now

New music from Huan, Bebe Deluxe, Primary School and Rhythm of Fear

Press photographs of Rhythm of Fear, Primary School, Bebe Deluxe & Geexella and Huan
Credit: (From left) Rhythm of Fear courtesy of the artist, Primary School by Nick Sprague courtesy of the artist, Bebe Deluxe and Geexella by Hayden Palmer courtesy of the artist, Huan courtesy of the artist.

We’re always keeping our ear to the ground in order to shine the high beams of our Local Spotlight series on the beautiful noise created by artists working in the Jacksonville region. This week, Jacksonville Music Experience contributors share four new songs by local artists that we think you’ll dig.

Let’s dive in.

“Not Today” by Huan

Ultra-chill Jax indie-pop artist Huan is back with San Juan, a new EP of dreamy, mid-fi, mostly downtempo tunes. The solo project of singer-songwriter Juan Mallorca, Saint Huan makes a convivial plea for space on “Not Today,” a single from the five-song offering. Synths, samples and a reverb-heavy-guitar figure bolster the track’s woozy atmosphere, with Huan seeking emotional distance from a romantic partner and offering a cheeky approach to holistic self-care – “Pour me some pino, listen to the Beatles / And fly so high like Lucy in the sky.”–Matthew Shaw 

“Tears of Ecstasy” by Rhythm of Fear

“Tears of Ecstasy” is the debut single from Fatal Horizons,  the latest, forthcoming full-length from Duval thrash-metal greats Rhythm of Fear. Over the course of its five minutes, “Tears of Ecstasy” doesn’t necessarily reinvent the wheel of metal but Rhythm of Fear surely keep the genre strongly rolling on course, with the song’s chrome-plated gallop, machine-press drums, guttural vocals, and brain-stabbing wah-guitar soloing. Directed by Cameron Nunez, the song’s accompanying video is bloody good fun and an homage to 1980s’ horror masterpiece, Hellraiser. Another winning metal offering, praiseworthy recent coverage by Decibel Magazine, and their upcoming local shows opening for Italian thrashers Fulci (September 3 at Archetype) and metal pioneers Exodus and Death Angel (September 20 at Underbelly) all make a strong case that Rhythm of Fear will continue to stand their ground in the current metal community.–Daniel A. Brown 

“Soft Butch” (Feat. Geexella) by Bebe Deluxe

Jax electro-pop artist Bebe Deluxe has followed up the gritty electroclash-inspired “Hard Femme” with the velvet-gloved slowjam “Soft Butch.” While she (figuratively) took no prisoners  on her previous single, Deluxe slows down the tempo on “Soft Butch,” confronting similar themes – affirmation, respect – with (a relative amount of) patience, asking, “What the f*** is even gender?” While Deluxe has proven herself a crack shot when aiming at critical and important social topics, she’s also a keen explorer of diverse and unique electronic soundscapes. And with a growing national profile, and standout DJ-singer-rapper-activist Geexella lending their voice to “Soft Butch,” Deluxe continues to pull more people into her orbit.–Matthew Shaw

“Yer Fault” by Primary School 

The second single by local indie-rock trio Primary School, “Yer Fault” is another pensive, guitar-forward jam that puts singer-songwriter Brianna MacLean’s enthralling voice, and mysterious lyrics at the forefront. “I’m on the bus don’t count me out,” MacLean sings as the tune jangles toward crescendo “I’m just down the street / In the rain or in the snow, I’m someone you should meet.” After MacLean’s final chorus (“It’s not your fault”) the song ends in a wash of distortion, foregoing any kind of buttoned-up resolution.–Matthew Shaw 

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