JME DJ Sessions | 3 dance-floor-ready local tunes

August's JME DJ Sessions featured three songs that are sure to set the dance floor ablaze.


The delta variant has already caused live music to pump the brakes. While venues around the country are beginning to require proof of vaccination, some larger festivals, like the popular New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, are calling the whole thing off. Meanwhile, many nationally touring artists are postponing shows in areas struggling under the weight of the outbreak. 

Still, we made it through more than a year without shows. And the music kept playing, as artists continued to produce new and interesting output. And once it’s safe again, many of these songs will surely set the dance floor ablaze. 

On August’s JME DJ Sessions on First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross, we listened to three energetic, anthemic tunes from Jacksonville artists that we can’t wait to catch live. 

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JME DJ Sessions airs once a month on First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross.

Featured tracks

Niki Dawson – “If You” (Read the full review)

Shane Malone – “Split In Two” (Read the full review)

LPT – “Se Quema El Mundo” (Read the full review)

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