Local Spotlight | “All Good” by Leo Sun

Leo Sun's new indie pop ditty encompasses all things good.

Leo Sun cropped
Credit: Photo by Tenny Rudolph

The second single by Leo Sun, the moniker of Jacksonville native Matilda Phan, is a summer tune meant for blasting at full volume whilst driving to a beach picnic, replaying last night’s blissful encounter with your latest crush. Sun’s vocals have a signature flutter that showcase their pipes, all the while blending a country vibrato with pop sensibilities painted across a bedroom pop canvas of jazz chords with an upbeat agenda.

“All Good” maturely encompasses the feeling of first love and hopeful romance. With lines like “You’re everything I have asked for” and “Get crazy with me on the dance floor,” the tune is bound to replace your breakfast with butterflies or at least remind you of a time when you ate butterflies for breakfast and the very sight of a new love was enough to make you want to break into song. 

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