Go | Laney Tripp and Jacob Cummings at Blue Jay Listening Room

Florida-bred experimental folkies collide on new album

Laney Tripp
Credit: Image courtesy of Jacob Cummings and Laney Tripp

In early July, LA-Based, Florida-bred musicians Laney Tripp and Jacob Cummings released the single “Passing Sun,” a sepia-toned and truly unique presentation of indie folk. The two grew up down the street from one another in New Smyrna Beach, a sleepy, tourism-dependant Central Florida beach town known more as an incubator of surf prodigies than experimental musicians.

Cummings and Tripp, however, artfully break the mold.

Both have released interesting and well-received solo work in the past. And Cummings has emerged as a bit of a role player in Jacksonville’s independent music scene, lending his multifarious skillset to a range of Duval-based projects.

And now Tripp and Cummings collaborative efforts extend across a lush and dynamic collection of experimental folk called Fishing From Heaven (out July 16). Anchored by Tripp’s acoustic guitar, deft vocal delivery and dreamy lyrics, Fishing‘s eight songs––ornamented with an array of ambience including pedal steel, waves of synth, and Cummings’ surprisingly nimble sax work––blow through like welcome on-shores on a sticky summer afternoon. The songs play off a nice range of indie-folk inspo, bridging the generational gap somewhere between Neil Young’s Harvest Moon and Lucy Dacus’s Historian.

Tripp and Cummings will play a release show for Fishing From Heaven at Blue Jay Listening Room in Jacksonville Beach on Friday, July 16.