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Democrats And The Fine Art Of Getting Out Of Your Own Way

There is a well-worn piece of advice among political campaign professionals: When your opponent is committing suicide, don’t get in the way. In this age of Twitter and Facebook, we should add a quick corollary: Do not make news that interrupts the reporting of your opponent’s problems — even momentarily. This would be a time when these wisdoms, old and new, might be retweeted to the leaders of the Democratic Party. Over the weekend, as their convention delegates converged on Philadelphia, the Democrats found themselves in a crossfire about their national committee and its chairperson — Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a member of Congress from Florida. Democrats had been banking on the weekend campaign news being dominated by newly named running mate Tim Kaine — buttressed by the endorsement of Hillary Clinton by her primary rival Bernie Sanders and by potential third-party challenger Mike Bloomberg. Finally, many party operatives felt, the big wheels of Hillary Clinton’s juggernaut would

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