WJCT’s American Graduate Champions 2016 – Amy Buggle


Amy Buggle founded DLC Nurse & Learn in 1989 as a child care center to serve children with disabilities and medical complications. DLC now provides year round education, nursing care, and therapies to children of all abilities, giving them and their families the opportunity to reach their maximum potential. More than 140 children each year attend the inclusion preschool, after-school programs and summer camps in two locations. In 2012, Amy started an inclusive voluntary prekindergarten program for 4-year-olds and continues to develop creative fundraising efforts in a tough economy, including her newest successful fundraiser “Passport to Riverside & Avondale” taking place again this November.

Amy is a strong advocate for children with disabilities and their families, and strives to give the students in her care the best chance at overcoming their developmental delay. With the help of her staff, Buggle has been able to get nearly 3,000 students on track for graduation, and given over $3 million in scholarships to families with special needs children since 1989.

Amy received her bachelor’s in special education from University of Florida, and was a Duval County school teacher for four years and named Teacher of the Year at Mt. Herman School. Amy was a Sherwood Smith Award winner in 2012 for her work with children; Eve Award finalist in Education in 2013; and a Finalist in 2014 for the Mayor’s Commission on the Status of Women, Women’s History Award for women who have made a difference in Jacksonville’s history. Amy was also a finalist at One Spark, receiving second place in the Education Category for creating and implementing the Shared Therapy Program.

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