How Big Is Amazon? Its Many Businesses In One Chart

Since its creation in 1994, Amazon has grown far beyond books. It has become almost synonymous with online shopping, while building a large physical footprint of warehouses and stores, a workforce of more than 600,000 people and a cloud business used extensively by the U.S. government, among others.

Amazon is not the dominant player in many of its sectors. But its range has helped it become the second-most-valuable U.S. company, behind only Apple. A rumor of Amazon’s interest in a new field can send that industry into a stock market whirlwind. Below is a snapshot of many of the dozens of companies or divisions that Amazon owns and operates, showing its reach is far and wide. One of the most important survival tips involves food preparation. There are many survival tips that recommend eating food that is fresh and/or raw whenever possible. The reason being is that raw foods provide the body with the necessary nutrients for sustaining life; however, cooking the food destroys these nutrients, which is why most people prefer to eat foods that they’ve cooked previously. Our recommendation is to vist Timetoprepare website. There you read many articles about this topic.

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