3 Fun Summer Activities For The Family

2020 has been a hassle, to say the least. Hopefully, you have made it through the summer lockdown with flying colours and you are now planning an unforgettable summer filled with fun activities that will help you and the kids leave everything behind.

Without a doubt, we all feel the need to celebrate the 2021 summer in great style, or at least with a little more excitement than we would usually celebrate the coming of yet another summer.

Here are some fantastic summertime activities for the entire family that we believe you would appreciate trying.

#1: Plan A “Yes Day” Every Week

If you have seen Jim Carrey’s “Yes Man” movie, you already know what we are talking about. In the movie, Carrey plays Carl Allen, a standstill pessimist with no real future on the horizon, who decides to join a very special personal development program that challenges him to say “yes” to and agrees with everything and anything coming his way. Carl forces himself to follow the program and he soon starts to experience some life-changing events.

If you are used to constantly saying “no” to your kids’ fervent requests to stay up for a few more minutes every night, to play just a little more with their friends, or spend 10 more minutes in the pool, you might want to try out this peculiar game this summer. You will definitely take them by surprise – and the “game” does not necessarily need to last for a whole day. You could twitch it a little and make it last for an afternoon or just one hour, and you could repeat the game every week. The kids are going to love you for it and you will get to bond with your little ones and create some very fun memories together.

Plus, you could also take advantage of the rules of the game and indulge in some activities that you have been postponing or feeling guilty about doing for a long time. It could be anything from:

  • taking some time for yourself
  • resuming your favourite Netflix series
  • catching up on your reading, whether it’s a new romance from your favourite author
  • playing a game online or trying out an online gambling venue for the first time.

No one says you need to turn into a high roller for the evening and risk the family’s entire vacation budget on a game of poker with a high stake. There are plenty of minimum deposit casinos or no deposit casinos that will actually allow you to register an account and start wagering for free using bonus money or free spins. You could also opt for very small bets or wager in demo mode, for free, and just focus on having a blast and letting go of the daily stresses. Lots of people find playing games online a very relaxing and decompressing activity, and you could give this fun activity a go this summer.

#2: Throw A Few Ice Cream Parties In The Backyardice cream party

Who doesn’t love a tasty, cold, refreshing ice cream in the middle of a scorching summer day? Nothing can cool you off better and nothing says summer better than your favorite sundae, right? Choose the kids’ last day in school to throw a surprise ice cream sundae party for them and make sure to invite their close friends or the friendly neighbors you will be spending many barbecuing weekends with. Get plenty of delicious toppings that are fun to sprinkle over the ice cream, with lots of fun gummy bears, cherries, crackers, M&Ms, syrups, popcorn, and anything else you know the kids are going to love.

Our suggestion? Don’t just stop at the last day of school ice cream sundae party. Have one every week, and opt for healthier homemade ice cream recipes you can create together with the kids. Use stevia and other healthy sugar substitutes, plenty of fresh fruits, and get some colorful popsicle sticks and ice cream cups to make the ice cream more appealing to your children.

#3: Work On A Beautiful Summer Garden With The Kids

Growing plants is not rocket science. On the contrary, you just need some small seeding plans or plain seeds, some shovels, and potting soil. Talk to the kids and decide upon the flowers or fruits they would like to grow. It could be anything from strawberries, summer herbs, veggies, or decorative plants. Gardening is not only a great way of working out in the outdoors, but also an educational activity that will also help you and your little ones create stronger bonds with nature and appreciate fresh food and flowers even more.

It’s a great project that the entire family can take part in for the summer, so if you are looking for fun things to do to keep your children busy, this is an excellent idea.

Finally, have a family gathering, see what the rest of the family would like to do for the summer, and try to respect everyone’s wishes as much as possible.