“AN EXPLANATION” by Charles Greene

By Charles Greene

Copyright 2013

Cast of Characters

God: Older Male or Female dressed in white.
Angel: Slightly younger dressed in white. Close enough friend can say things others might not get away with.


Heaven, mostly white, puffy clouds surround to figures. Curtain opens with both actors on stage. Actors can be standing or seated.


Angel: That’s quite a mess down there.

God: Yes, I know.

Angel: What happened? Don’t you know everything?

God: Yes and no. I can see the future and I can see the results of something I’ve done. But even I can’t see how to accomplish something until I try.

Angel: What do you mean?

God: I can now tell you what I did and show and tell you how you can do it. But I had no one to show or tell me. I had an idea and I tried it.

Angel: I’m still not sure I understand.

God: Well, let’s see how I can explain this. When someone comes up with an idea for the very first time, an idea that no one has ever come up with before. They may think they know how it will come out, but until they try it you can’t know for sure.

Angel: I’m not getting this.

God: Unexpected things can happen. You get distracted at the wrong moment. Ingredients may not be as pure as you thought they were. You drop something or just forget a step.

Angel: But you’re God. What went wrong?

God: I just didn’t look at all the possibilities. I got lazy. To keep them from being exactly like us I had to leave some things out and modify others. If I hadn’t why bother? They would have just been more angels.

Angel: You didn’t.

God: No I did not. [ Somewhat indignant ] There will be no repeat of the dark matter incident.

Angel: Sorry, didn’t mean to offend.

God: Its okay I maybe a little sensitive about it. Where was I? They can think like we can, but at times they seem totally in capable of thinking logically. I can see the consequences of what I did but without starting over from the beginning I’m not sure the best way to fix it. I added a female made her different so I could see if the problem was in the male. I’ve tried threats. I’ve given them rules, simple rules and only ten of them. I’ve wiped out all most every last one of them and still most of them refuse to do what’s best for themselves.

Angel: Maybe you should start over. [A little more empathize on should]

God: Maybe, but I can’t help wondering that just maybe if I keep watching I can understand just what it was I did wrong.

Angel: Any idea.

God: None. I worked up to it gradually and everything was fitting together nicely. Yes there were a few dead ends like the dinosaurs, but nothing major. I added a female and altered her chemistry as a control. But in some ways she’s just as bad or worse. In others she’s much, much better. I mean listening to the serpent how naive can you get. Who on earth would listen… [ Speaker trails off realizing has just answered own question ]

Angel: May be another control.

God: Have you forgotten Lilith? Eve was the second control.

Angel: [Looks abashed had forgotten Lilith]

God: And the children in each generation seem to get worse. Even when I thin the population down to a select few. Punishment hasn’t worked, rewards don’t even talking to them doesn’t work. What else is there?

Angel: [Shrugs] [Puts head down]

God: I guess they can’t mess things up too much more. I think I’ll take a break from it all. A day off may help me come up with something. Wake me in a billion of their years. [When finished gets up if seated and walks off stage. Just walks off stage if standing]

Angel: [Lifting head as speaks] I don’t think… [trails off when sees God has left stage] [down curtain] [divider/]

Artist: Charles Greene

Genre: Theater

Bio: Honorably discharged U.S Army vet 72-74. AA art, Mechanical tech & Electronics tech diplomas. Disabled 1996, retired June 2016. Humor helps me deal with the pain. Been trying to start a writing career, but running out of funds.


Piece Description: God gives an explanation to an angel why things don’t always work the way they should.