“Know Where to Go” by Monique Mancera

2015 Collection 4: 1st Place Winner – Monique Mancera
Local musician and 1st Place Winner of The Square, Monique Mancera, performs her song “Know Where to Go.”


Artist: Monique Mancera

Genre: Music

Bio: I am a college student attending FSCJ planning to be a communications major. In my spare time I love to create things, such as movies and music. When I create music, I particularly like to write my own songs. I am often to myself, and when I perform, music speaks for me so I don’t have to. Its sadly corny but very true like it is almost for every other artist.

Piece: Know Where to Go

Piece Description: I asked my social media friends what I should write about. And I took each comment and made a song.

Monique Mancera – SoundCloud