“A Storm of Hearts” by Robert Grinsell

A Storm of Hearts
by Robert Grinsell

A storm of hearts breezes through.
Tempestuous, yet honest,
There is no room for error,
  Or second guesses…
  Or apologies.

Time has been wasted trying to figure out the Whys,
  How Comes, What Ifs, or Who Elses.
There is no point on recollecting what has transpired,
But rather… we are at
  What Now?

We walk forward, arms folded,
Braving the cold winds until
One of us folds and exposes, in raw confession,
The wish to make things right.
  To make things whole.
  To make things good again…

But it never comes.

As we part, more obtuse than acute,
I will never forget the storm of hearts,
The stinging winds of regret, or
The rain in your eyes.

©Robert S. Grinsell, 2015. May be reproduced with citation and proper credit.


Artist: Robert Grinsell

Genre: Poetry

Bio: I am a retail worker from Jacksonville, Florida, but I also moonlight as a writer and aspiring poet, and as one of the reviewers for Angry Metal Guy under the pseudonym of “Grymm”, having written metal music reviews for almost two years now. My goal is to make a career in writing poetry, music reviews, and eventually my own series of novels.

Piece: Along the River Anslawell

Piece Description: A Storm of Hearts is about a couple who have gone past the point of no return in their relationship.

Web: Robert Grinsell – Website