“Dove on a Wall” by Robert Hesson

Dove on a Wall
by Robert Hesson

Is there a way to unpin these wings
from the wall of their unwandering,
to feather this mortar that holds them,
to shed the caging leaves that
enbrick them to this shimmering stone?
Look, the wings are spread, there is the head,
like seeing shapes among clouds—
very like a dove, some might say.
Are they some chance flowering of spores
painted by the hand of a snickering god
in a whimsical moment? Who can tell?
Unpin these wings from their endlessness
or perhaps take a picture and float them
from your eye into the winds forever.


Artist: Robert Hesson

Genre: Poetry

Bio: Blessed with a natural lack of ambition, former professional dishwasher and lifelong English major Robert Hesson has managed to make his way in the world, despite his nearly total lack of discernible skills, natural gifts or willingness to assume any meaningful responsibility.

Piece: Dove on a Wall

Piece Description: This poem was inspired by Kim Tippin and her photo, The Passing Hand, also submitted to The Square.