Summertime is Learning Time

What is the summer slide?

All young people experience learning losses when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer. In fact, kids lose nearly two months of math and can lose three months of reading skills during this time. Likewise, research spanning 100 years suggests that students typically score lower on standardized tests at the end of summer vacation than they do on the same tests at the beginning of the summer. This seasonal learning loss is commonly known as the “summer slide” and is unfortunately prevalent in low-income families that lack options for summer-time learning. During the summer months, the achievement gap between disadvantaged and better-off children can widen causing some children to fall behind, while others steadily build skills.

How can I prevent the summer slide?

Fortunately, WJCT and PBS Kids provides many wonderful resources for children and parents to prevent summer slide and encourage at-home learning. PBS Kids is available in a variety of accessible forms (PARENT RESOURCE) such as TV, online, mobile apps, and in the community. Additionally, this summer, we’re adjusting our regular schedule to provide more of the PBS Kids content kids love, and more of the key learning they need to stay ahead of the summer slump. On this website, parents can explore a variety of activities and resources for making learning easy and fun in the months when it matters most.

Summer TV Schedule

We’re adjusting our regular schedule to provide more of the PBS KIDS programs your kids love – more Wild Kratts, more Curious George, more Dinosaur Train – AND more of the key learning they need to stay ahead of the summer slump.

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Helpful Tools For Parents

Summer of Adventure Booklet

From moon journaling to phonics, kids will love exploring with this booklet.


Summer of Adventure Bookmark

Hold the place of a good book with this colorful printer-friendly bookmark.


Summer Reading Chart

Use this handy chart to track the books your kids read during the summer months.


How To Start A Book Club for Kids

Start a children’s book club by following these simple considerations and steps.


Reading Activities at Home

Children spend a lot of their time at home. You can support your child’s learning while doing daily tasks.


Early Literacy Development

From Knowing Your ABCs to Learning to Read, these 7 steps will keep you heading in the right direction.


School Summer Reading Lists

Try some of these tips to make sure your child’s required summer reading goes smoothly.



Learning On-The-Go Activities

Going on a Book-nic

Go on a literacy themed picnic and encourage reading together while you enjoy the great outdoors.


Going on a Trip

Take advantage of your next trip to practice literacy skills while you explore new places together.


Going to the Library

Get your children excited about reading and being at the library with these activities.


Going to a Restaurant

Make your next visit to a restaurant an interactive learning experience by using these activities.


Monthly Activity Books

June Activity Book

Let’s Explore!


July Activity Book

There’s a World to Discover!


August Activity Book

Explore Your World!


Reading Activities By Age

PBS Kids Apps

PBS Kids offers a variety of free apps for parents and kids that support summer learning and exploration, including the new PBS Kids Games app. Information is available at PBS Kids programming and content is available for free on the PBS Kids Video App, which can be downloaded from iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

Visit for even more ideas and for great games and activities!

WJCT is partnering with the Jacksonville Public Library to help families fight the Summer Slide and prepare for summer full of fun adventures in learning. Click on the JPL logo to find more summer learning resources.