The Square is a collaboration between WJCT, the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville, and the local arts community. Its purpose is to provide a place for local artist to share their work. It is also a place where the community can go to view work by local artists.

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2015 Collection 4 Entries

Collection 4 Submission Dates – October 1 thru November 30 by 11:59pm EST
Collection 4 Voting Dates – December 2 thru January 3 by 11:59pm EST

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2015 Collection 3: 2nd Place Winner – Jeff Luque
Local artists and 2nd Place Winner of The Square, Jeff Luque, talks about his art and his series “Girl With Flowers”.

2015 Collection 2: 1st Place Winner – Ron Schroer
Local artists and 1st Place Winner of The Square, Ron Schroer, creates unique works of art using found materials.

2015 Collection 2: 2nd Place Winner – Michael Cenci
Lifetime Jacksonville resident and 2nd Place Winner of The Square, Michael Cenci, photographs Florida wildlife.

2014 Collection 1: 1st Place Winner – Mortimer Rex
Local band and 1st Place Winner of The Square, Mortimer Rex, performs their song “Dandelion”.

2014 Collection: 2nd Place Winner – Wise River
Local artists and 2nd Place Winners of The Square, Wise River, performs their song “Sionna”.

2014 Collection 1: 3rd Place Winner – Kate Rouh
Local artist and 3rd Place Winner of The Square, Kate Rouh, talks about her mosaic project at Yacht Basin Park.


2015 Collection 3 Winners


“Yoga Backbend” by Brenda Kato

Artist: Brenda Kato Genre: Painting Bio: Digital designer by day, fine artist by night. Born and raised in Riverside/Avondale. I…

“Yanesha Mask” by Jean Lijoi

Artist: Jean Lijoi Genre: Painting Bio: My work is representational, figurative and emotionally charged my images speak of life and…

2015 Collection 4 Entries


“Mr. Z” by Angela Casini

Artist: Angela Casini Genre: Painting Bio: I am a Jacksonville native currently working on my MFA at Jacksonville University. My…

“The looking glass” by Desa King

Artist: Desa King Genre: Painting Bio: 32 year old freelance mother. Piece: The looking glass Piece Description: Just let your…

“Legs” by Ronald Episcopo

Artist: Ronald Episcopo Genre: Painting Bio: A mixed medium artist with numerous wins in the Fort Lauderdale and Miami competitive…