The Square is a collaboration between WJCT and the local arts community. Its purpose is to provide a place for local artist to share their work. It is also a place where the community can go to view work by local artists.

2016 Collection 1 Entries


Once you’ve finished browsing, simply click on your favorite entry, scroll down to the bottom of that artist’s profile, and click the green thumbs up “Vote for this entry!” button. Keep in mind that you can only vote once per collection, so make it count!

2016 Collection 1 Submission Dates – March 1 thru April 30 by 11:59pm EST
2016 Collection 1 Voting Dates – May 2 thru May 31 by 11:59pm EST

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2015 Collection 4 Winners


“The looking glass” by Desa King

Artist: Desa King Genre: Painting Bio: 32 year old freelance mother. Piece: The looking glass Piece Description: Just let your…

“Legs” by Ronald Episcopo

2015 Collection 4: 3rd Place Winner – Ronald Episcopo Local artists and 3rd Place Winner of The Square, Ronald Episcopo,…

2015 Collection 4: 3rd Place Winner – Ronald Episcopo
Local artists and 3rd Place Winner of The Square, Ronald Episcopo, talks about his art and his love for Jacksonville.

2015 Collection 3: 2nd Place Winner – Jeff Luque
Local artists and 2nd Place Winner of The Square, Jeff Luque, talks about his art and his series “Girl With Flowers”.

2015 Collection 2: 1st Place Winner – Ron Schroer
Local artists and 1st Place Winner of The Square, Ron Schroer, creates unique works of art using found materials.

2015 Collection 2: 2nd Place Winner – Michael Cenci
Lifetime Jacksonville resident and 2nd Place Winner of The Square, Michael Cenci, photographs Florida wildlife.

2014 Collection 1: 1st Place Winner – Mortimer Rex
Local band and 1st Place Winner of The Square, Mortimer Rex, performs their song “Dandelion”.

2014 Collection: 2nd Place Winner – Wise River
Local artists and 2nd Place Winners of The Square, Wise River, performs their song “Sionna”.

2014 Collection 1: 3rd Place Winner – Kate Rouh
Local artist and 3rd Place Winner of The Square, Kate Rouh, talks about her mosaic project at Yacht Basin Park.

2016 Collection 1 Entries


“Jax.Fla.” by Viktor Lazarev

Artist: Viktor Lazarev Genre: Painting Bio: About Viktor Lazarev… Was born (Kazakhstan,USSR)… daycare… all schools… university(civil engineering diploma)… work… ‘revolutions’,…

“Landon” by LaVerne Cheshire

Artist: LaVerne Cheshire Genre: Painting Bio: I am a self-taught acrylic artist living in East Palatka, FL. I have been…

“Cat Jumpers” by James Smith

Artist: James Smith Genre: Painting Bio:Aircraft mechanic at Cecil Field. Paint as a hobby. Baby boomer, almost retired. Piece: Cat…

“Batman” by Roselynn Imbleau

Artist: Roselynn Imbleau Genre: Painting Bio: Heart driven artist. I work in oil, work from emotion and memory, and from…

“Eclipse” by Sam Bartlett

Artist: Sam Bartlett Genre: Other Bio: I am longtime resident of Northeast Florida, and have been creating works of art…

“East” by Lynette Walther

Artist: Lynette Walther Genre: Sculpture Bio: I am an artist, writer and photographer and a retired college educator (journalism/graphic design).…

“Memory” by Imsung Hahn

Artist: Imsung Hahn Genre: Painting Bio: I have been living in Jacksonville for ten years since my marriage. Born Imsung…

“Faith” by Ursula Joseph

Artist: Ursula Joseph Genre: Sculpture Bio: My name is Ursula, I live in Flagler County, i work as a Mechanical…

“Phoenix” by Katie Plank

Artist: Katie Plank Genre: Other Bio: I am a music teacher and a pianist who is obsessed with classical music…

“Worries” by Dayi Fu

Artist: Dayi Fu Genre: Painting Bio: I’m 19 years old, and I graduated from a Jacksonville high school as valedictorian…

“Bella Nadien” by Brion Griffin

Artist: Brion Griffin Genre: Painting Bio: American, born in the Canal Zone, Panama, raised in Honduras. Attended the Art Inst.…

“Jellyfish” by Morton Lancaster

Artist: Morton Lancaster Genre: Sculpture Bio: A First Family Virginian, Morton now lives in Jacksonville, Florida. He graduated from Virginia…

“Citadelia 1” by Gustavo Duenas

Artist: Gustavo Duenas Genre: Other Bio: Born in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Gustavo Duenas has always been looking far beyond the boundaries…

“Smoking Gun” by C.J. Godwin

Artist: C.J. Godwin Genre: Painting Bio: C.J. Godwin lives and works in St. Augustine, Florida where she is surrounded by…

“Reef” by Rhonda Peskey

Artist: Rhonda Peskey Genre: Painting Bio: Since 2010 my entire world has been drastically altered. After raising 5 children and…

“Soon” by Julien Dournaux

soon by Hadley's Couch Artist: Julien Dournaux Genre: Music Bio: My name is Julien Dournaux. I am the front man…

“Missing Summer” by Bill Sims

Artist: Bill Sims Genre: Music Bio: Shoot The Pier is a Jacksonville, FL based father-daughter band. We write, record and…

“Once” by Joe O’Hearn

Once, Seven Different Ways by Joe O’Hearn Once, a fear pierced him, in the middle of a meadow not unlike…

“Guana Frog” by Keith Beck

Artist: Keith Beck Genre: Photography Bio: I was born in Jacksonville and have lived here most of my life. I…

“Warmth” by Lauren Wheeler

Artist: Lauren Wheeler Genre: Other Bio: I am a student studying visual arts in Jacksonville. Inspired by my teachers, peers,…

“Joshua Tree” by Jeff Garrison

Artist: Jeff Garrison Genre: Photography Bio:I’m a longtime resident of Saint Augustine and graduate of Flagler College who grew up…

“In the Shallows” by Kim Tippin

Artist: Kim Tippin Genre: Photography Bio: I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer who loves being outdoors. Taking photos requires that…

“Docked” by David Chernitsky

Artist: David Chernitsky Genre: Photography Bio: I’m a photographer and cook at heart. I love to see the beauty in…