The Square is a collaboration between WJCT and the local arts community. Its purpose is to provide a place for local artist to share their work. It is also a place where the community can go to view work by local artists.

2016 Collection 1 Entries

The voting period for 2016 Collection 1 entries has ended. But be sure to check back this week to find out who the 2016 Collection 1 winners are! Best of luck to all who have entered!

2016 Collection 2 Submission Dates – August 1 thru September 30 by 11:59pm EST
2016 Collection 2 Voting Dates – October 1 thru October 31 by 11:59pm EST

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2016 Collection 1 Winners


“Faith” by Ursula Joseph

Artist: Ursula Joseph Genre: Sculpture Bio: My name is Ursula, I live in Flagler County, i work as a Mechanical…

2015 Collection 4: 1st Place Winner – Monique Mancera
Local musician and 1st Place Winner of The Square, Monique Mancera, performs her song “Know Where to Go.”

2015 Collection 4: 3rd Place Winner – Ronald Episcopo
Local artists and 3rd Place Winner of The Square, Ronald Episcopo, talks about his art and his love for Jacksonville.

2015 Collection 3: 1st Place Winner – Brenda Kato
Local artists and 1st Place Winner of The Square, Brenda Kato, talks about her art and inspirations.

2015 Collection 3: 2nd Place Winner – Jeff Luque
Local artists and 2nd Place Winner of The Square, Jeff Luque, talks about his art and his series “Girl With Flowers”.

2015 Collection 3: 3rd Place Winner – Jean Lioji
Jacksonville beach artist and 3rd Place Winner of The Square,Jean Lijoi, gives us a tour of her home studio where she creates works inspired by her artist residencies.

2015 Collection 2: 1st Place Winner – Ron Schroer
Local artists and 1st Place Winner of The Square, Ron Schroer, creates unique works of art using found materials.

2015 Collection 2: 2nd Place Winner – Michael Cenci
Lifetime Jacksonville resident and 2nd Place Winner of The Square, Michael Cenci, photographs Florida wildlife.

2015 Collection 2: 3rd Place Winner – Mama Blue
Local artist and 3rd Place Winner of The Square, Mama Blue, performs her song “Closer To Free”.

2014 Collection 1: 1st Place Winner – Mortimer Rex
Local band and 1st Place Winner of The Square, Mortimer Rex, performs their song “Dandelion”.

2014 Collection 1: 2nd Place Winner – Wise River
Local artists and 2nd Place Winners of The Square, Wise River, performs their song “Sionna”.

2014 Collection 1: 3rd Place Winner – Kate Rouh
Local artist and 3rd Place Winner of The Square, Kate Rouh, talks about her mosaic project at Yacht Basin Park.

2016 Collection 1 Entries


“Faith” by Ursula Joseph

Artist: Ursula Joseph Genre: Sculpture Bio: My name is Ursula, I live in Flagler County, i work as a Mechanical…

“Jellyfish” by Morton Lancaster

Artist: Morton Lancaster Genre: Sculpture Bio: A First Family Virginian, Morton now lives in Jacksonville, Florida. He graduated from Virginia…

“Batman” by Roselynn Imbleau

Artist: Roselynn Imbleau Genre: Painting Bio: Heart driven artist. I work in oil, work from emotion and memory, and from…

“Guana Frog” by Keith Beck

Artist: Keith Beck Genre: Photography Bio: I was born in Jacksonville and have lived here most of my life. I…

“Smoking Gun” by C.J. Godwin

Artist: C.J. Godwin Genre: Painting Bio: C.J. Godwin lives and works in St. Augustine, Florida where she is surrounded by…

“Docked” by David Chernitsky

Artist: David Chernitsky Genre: Photography Bio: I’m a photographer and cook at heart. I love to see the beauty in…

“East” by Lynette Walther

Artist: Lynette Walther Genre: Sculpture Bio: I am an artist, writer and photographer and a retired college educator (journalism/graphic design).…

“Reef” by Rhonda Peskey

Artist: Rhonda Peskey Genre: Painting Bio: Since 2010 my entire world has been drastically altered. After raising 5 children and…

“Warmth” by Lauren Wheeler

Artist: Lauren Wheeler Genre: Other Bio: I am a student studying visual arts in Jacksonville. Inspired by my teachers, peers,…

“Cat Jumpers” by James Smith

Artist: James Smith Genre: Painting Bio:Aircraft mechanic at Cecil Field. Paint as a hobby. Baby boomer, almost retired. Piece: Cat…

“Jax.Fla.” by Viktor Lazarev

Artist: Viktor Lazarev Genre: Painting Bio: About Viktor Lazarev… Was born (Kazakhstan,USSR)… daycare… all schools… university(civil engineering diploma)… work… ‘revolutions’,…

“In the Shallows” by Kim Tippin

Artist: Kim Tippin Genre: Photography Bio: I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer who loves being outdoors. Taking photos requires that…

“Landon” by LaVerne Cheshire

Artist: LaVerne Cheshire Genre: Painting Bio: I am a self-taught acrylic artist living in East Palatka, FL. I have been…

“Joshua Tree” by Jeff Garrison

Artist: Jeff Garrison Genre: Photography Bio:I’m a longtime resident of Saint Augustine and graduate of Flagler College who grew up…

“Eclipse” by Sam Bartlett

Artist: Sam Bartlett Genre: Other Bio: I am longtime resident of Northeast Florida, and have been creating works of art…

“Bella Nadien” by Brion Griffin

Artist: Brion Griffin Genre: Painting Bio: American, born in the Canal Zone, Panama, raised in Honduras. Attended the Art Inst.…

“Once” by Joe O’Hearn

Once, Seven Different Ways by Joe O’Hearn Once, a fear pierced him, in the middle of a meadow not unlike…

“Memory” by Imsung Hahn

Artist: Imsung Hahn Genre: Painting Bio: I have been living in Jacksonville for ten years since my marriage. Born Imsung…

“Citadelia 1” by Gustavo Duenas

Artist: Gustavo Duenas Genre: Other Bio: Born in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Gustavo Duenas has always been looking far beyond the boundaries…

“Missing Summer” by Bill Sims

Artist: Bill Sims Genre: Music Bio: Shoot The Pier is a Jacksonville, FL based father-daughter band. We write, record and…

“Soon” by Julien Dournaux

soon by Hadley's Couch Artist: Julien Dournaux Genre: Music Bio: My name is Julien Dournaux. I am the front man…

“Worries” by Dayi Fu

Artist: Dayi Fu Genre: Painting Bio: I’m 19 years old, and I graduated from a Jacksonville high school as valedictorian…

“Phoenix” by Katie Plank

Artist: Katie Plank Genre: Other Bio: I am a music teacher and a pianist who is obsessed with classical music…