The Square is a collaboration between WJCT and the local arts community. Its purpose is to provide a place for local artist to share their work. It is also a place where the community can go to view work by local artists.

2016 Collection 2 Entries


2016 Collection 2 Submission Dates – August 1 thru September 30 by 11:59pm EST
2016 Collection 2 Voting Dates – October 1 thru October 31 by 11:59pm EST

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2016 Collection 1 Winners


“Faith” by Ursula Joseph

Artist: Ursula Joseph Genre: Sculpture Bio: My name is Ursula, I live in Flagler County, i work as a Mechanical…

2015 Collection 4: 1st Place Winner – Monique Mancera
Local musician and 1st Place Winner of The Square, Monique Mancera, performs her song “Know Where to Go.”

2015 Collection 4: 3rd Place Winner – Ronald Episcopo
Local artists and 3rd Place Winner of The Square, Ronald Episcopo, talks about his art and his love for Jacksonville.

2015 Collection 3: 1st Place Winner – Brenda Kato
Local artists and 1st Place Winner of The Square, Brenda Kato, talks about her art and inspirations.

2015 Collection 3: 2nd Place Winner – Jeff Luque
Local artists and 2nd Place Winner of The Square, Jeff Luque, talks about his art and his series “Girl With Flowers”.

2015 Collection 3: 3rd Place Winner – Jean Lioji
Jacksonville beach artist and 3rd Place Winner of The Square,Jean Lijoi, gives us a tour of her home studio where she creates works inspired by her artist residencies.

2015 Collection 2: 1st Place Winner – Ron Schroer
Local artists and 1st Place Winner of The Square, Ron Schroer, creates unique works of art using found materials.

2015 Collection 2: 2nd Place Winner – Michael Cenci
Lifetime Jacksonville resident and 2nd Place Winner of The Square, Michael Cenci, photographs Florida wildlife.

2015 Collection 2: 3rd Place Winner – Mama Blue
Local artist and 3rd Place Winner of The Square, Mama Blue, performs her song “Closer To Free”.

2014 Collection 1: 1st Place Winner – Mortimer Rex
Local band and 1st Place Winner of The Square, Mortimer Rex, performs their song “Dandelion”.

2014 Collection 1: 2nd Place Winner – Wise River
Local artists and 2nd Place Winners of The Square, Wise River, performs their song “Sionna”.

2014 Collection 1: 3rd Place Winner – Kate Rouh
Local artist and 3rd Place Winner of The Square, Kate Rouh, talks about her mosaic project at Yacht Basin Park.

2016 Collection 2 Entries


“Fascination” by Abby Howard Murphy

Artist: Abby Howard Murphy Genre: Painting Bio: Lifelong artist and photographer, Abby’s work includes murals for the Sunshine Foundation Dream…

“Moon Feels” by Ether Chambles

Artist: Ether Chambles Genre: Music Bio: Chantalle Johnson, who performs as Ether Chambles, is a Jacksonville, FL, native and producer-vocalist…

“Various” by Arvid Smith

Artist: Arvid Smith Genre: Music Bio: Perfoming a blend of original compositions as well fusionist treatments of traditional music. Piece:…

“Marginalized” by Joe O’Hearn

Marginalized by Joe O’Hearn The fringes welcome loners our mumblings churn out works of art crafted in seclusion, where no…

“Luminescent” by Rachael Harbert

Artist: Rachael Harbert Genre: Painting Bio: I was raised in Jacksonville and attended JU on a full academic scholarship. Although…

“Tree of Life” by Emily Blue

Artist: Emily Blue Genre: Painting Bio: Recent transplant from ATL, loving living in the thriving art community on Amelia Island.…

“BUTTERFLY” by Andre’ Keeley

Artist: Andre’ Keeley Genre: Other Bio: I am semi- retired clergy with a interest in graphic arts, poetry, literary arts,…

“Atlas” by Alfred Johnson III

Atlas by Alfred Johnson III Sacrifice so much in order to protect my masculinity It takes precedence over my humanity……

“Easter” by Roselynn Imbleau

Artist: Roselynn Imbleau Genre: Painting Bio: Heart driven artist. I work in oil, work from emotion and memory, and from…

“untitled” by David Hill

Artist: David Hill Genre: Painting Bio: I’m 58 years old I am been painting for 18 months I am self-taught…