• Apple TV
    Enjoy WJCT News 89.9, our music stations Anthology and The Independent from WJCT’s Jacksonville Music Experience and Radio Reading Service on Apple TV.
    1. Open Music on Apple TV.
    2. Swipe down to see a menu of Radio categories.
    3. Swipe to Featured or Stations.
    4. Select Classical 24© 89.9 HD2, Anthology 89.9 HD3 or The Independent 89.9 HD4 from WJCT’s Jacksonville Music Experience to start listening.
  • Ask Siri.
    Say something like:
    • To play WJCT News 89.9, simply ask “Hey Siri, Play WJCT”
    • To play Classical 24© 89.9 HD2 say “Hey Siri, play WJCT Classical 24”
    • To play Anthology 89.9 HD3 say “Hey Siri, play WJCT Anthology”
    • To play The Independent 89.9 HD4 say “Hey Siri, play WJCT The Independent”
  • WJCT Podcasts

    Listen to your favorite WJCT shows like “First Coast Connect”, “The Florida Roundup”, “Odd Ball” and “What It’s Like” any time of the day or night on your favorite podcatcher or on our website at

  • Third-Party Apps

    Download the TuneIn Radio app for your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet.

  • Florida Storms App

    Everything you need, nothing you don’t. Florida Storms is not just another weather app with a radar. It’s a clean and fast interactive map that alerts you to every storm, while at the same time delivers credible real-­‐time audio and text alerts from the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network.


Download the Florida Storms app today!