American Graduate



Meet our 2017 American Graduate Champions!

WJCT is honoring the following community leaders and everyday heroes who regularly dedicate their time, talent, and resources to developing positive relationships with young people in order to keep them on the road to success:

SFC ​Myron Jackson – 2017 Champion

SFC ​Myron Jackson is an Army JROTC instructor at Wolfson High School.

Vicki Murphy – 2017 Champion

Vicki Murphy is the IB Program Coordinator at Pedro Menendez High School.

Matthew Ohlson – 2017 Champion

Matthew Ohlson is an Assistant Professor of Leadership, School Counseling & Sports Management at the University of North Florida.

Larry Roziers – 2017 Champion

Larry Roziers retired as the Assistant Superintendent over Athletics, JROTC, and the Department of Family and Community Engagement for Duval County Public Schools.

Pearl Roziers – 2017 Champion

Pearl Roziers retired as Assistant Superintendent of School Choice for Duval County Public Schools


American Graduate Day

American Graduate Day 2017 will once again be broadcast and streamed live from the Tisch WNET Studios at Lincoln Center in New York City. The broadcast, on October 16, will be a multi-platform event featuring local and national programming, community partners, and celebrities focused on improving the high school graduation rate in the United States.

Critical themes to be discussed will include: Early Education, More and Better Learning, Special Needs, STEAM, Dropout Prevention and Re-engagement, and Career Readiness and College Completion.

Throughout the day, viewers and online users are invited to become engaged with WJCT and the featured community organizations. Participate in the event by asking questions and sharing ideas before and during the broadcast on Twitter and Facebook, using the hashtag #AmGrad.

To watch American Graduate Day 2016, visit

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WJCT Hall of Champions

2016 Champions

Amy Buggle – 2016 Champion

Ronnie King – 2016 Champion

Travis Pinckney – 2016 Champion

Rachel Rippey, M.S. – 2016 Champion

Lynn Sherman – 2016 Champion

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2015 Champions

Leon Baxton – 2015 Champion

Kathy Christensen – 2015 Champion

Elexia Coleman-Moss – 2015 Champion

Elizabeth Stansel – 2015 Champion

Janet Adkins – 2015 Champion


2014 Champions

Betty Burney – 2014 Champion

Liz Duncan – 2014 Champion

Gary Chartrand – 2014 Champion

Trey Csar – 2014 Champion

Diane Kornegay – 2014 Champion

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For more information on how to volunteer for any of the agencies represented by our American Graduate Champions, see the list on below:

Clay County Schools
Interested volunteers should contact Lauren Bankhert
Phone: (904) 710-1909.

College RED Program
Interested volunteers should contact Travis Pinckney
Phone: (904) 451-5147.

Baptist Health
Interested volunteers should contact Lynn Sherman
Phone: (904) 202-5112.

DLC Nurse & Learn
Individuals interested in volunteering should contact Mayra Correa
Phone: (904) 387-0370.
Groups interested in volunteering should contact Caleigh Quast
Phone: (904) 387-0370.
Volunteers are needed in classrooms, at events, to help with fundraisers, in the office and to help with weekend projects around campus.

Jacksonville Public Education Fund
Interested volunteers should contact Kris Estanga
Phone: (954) 804-9010.

Empowerment Resources Inc.
Interested volunteers should contact Elexia Moss
Phone: (904) 268-8287.

Communities in Schools
Interested volunteers should contact Mattie Robinson
Phone: (904) 366-6350.

I’m A Star Foundation, Inc.
Interested volunteers should contact Betty Burney
Phone: (904) 924- 0756.

Beaches Habitat for Humanity
Interested volunteers should contact Sarah Jared, Community Relations Manager
Phone: (904) 595-5793

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TEACH Conference 2017


Join WJCT and Community First Credit Union for the 5th annual TEACH: Better Together, a professional development conference created by teachers for teachers at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront. On Saturday, September 16, 2017, teachers, principals, and other education professionals from across Florida will gather together and spend the day meeting and sharing ideas with fellow educators, learning new ways to engage students, and empowering themselves to further inspire others!

The event features expert keynote speakers Pedro Noguera and George Couros, cutting-edge information, and invaluable tools and resources to enhance teaching skills. CLICK HERE for more details.

Also, check out all our great TEACH photos from the 2014 and 2015 conferences!

For updated information CLICK HERE, and add the page to your browser favorites!

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Teacher Town Hall


On April 28, 2012, WJCT hosted a statewide Teacher Town Hall at WJCT Studios. The Town Hall gives a collective voice to the needs, inspirations and ideas of teachers in Florida. WJCT edited the 90-minute conversation into a 60-minute television program that simulcast on 89.9 WJCT-FM, and broadcast across Florida on FPBS member stations.

[divider height=”20″ unit=”px” /] [box color=”gray” icon=”info”]American Graduate: Let’s Make It Happen is a public-supported media initiative, supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), to help students stay on the path to on-time high school graduation and future success.[/box] [box color=”orange” icon=”question”]For more information on Jacksonville’s community efforts and how you can get involved, contact Circe LeNoble at or (904) 358-6329.[/box]