Marketing Your Business

WJCT public media brings unparalleled news, entertainment and educational programming and services to 1.7 million citizens in the Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia area broadcasting multi digital television and radio channels and digital services.

Align Your Business with Excellence…

Public Media is one of the most valued and esteemed media brands in the country attracting premium viewers and listeners. Many WJCT viewers and listeners do not spend a great deal of time with traditional commercial broadcasting. These viewers and listeners are drawn to WJCT’s exceptional programming in drama, music, education, history, science, news and information. Since programs air without interruption, the viewer and listener experience is more intense, engaging, and involved. Therefore, their positive feelings about WJCT translate directly into feelings about its corporate sponsors.

  • Nearly 75% of PBS viewers believe that PBS corporate supporters are committed to quality and excellence. (Cone/Roper Worldwide: PBS Image Study)
  • More than 90% of mothers with children under six believe that PBS Kids program sponsors value children. (Bruskin Research)
  • NPR listeners are 88% more likely to buy products and services from companies that support public radio than from companies that advertise on commercial radio. (ICR)

Connect with Discerning Citizens…

WJCT’s viewers and listeners are among the most educated, affluent and influential citizens in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. Tap the power of public media, and reach an unparalleled audience with pinpoint accuracy.

Send a Message with Impact...

In WJCT’s uncluttered environment, only a few minutes of each television and radio broadcast hour are devoted to corporate sponsorship messages and program promotion. Sponsorship messages are category exclusive, with only one local industry represented in a particular program break. Tap the power of public broadcasting, and send a message that stands out.

Reach beyond Broadcast...

In addition to on-air messaging, WJCT’s corporate sponsors have the opportunity to reach an exclusive online audience with corporate digital ads on

Build a Relationship with the First Coast Community…

WJCT’s viewers and listeners know that corporate sponsors help to keep the station’s high-quality television and radio programming on the air, and support the station’s extensive outreach efforts and community events. Invest in your community, and build a relationship with the citizens of the First Coast.

Make the intelligent choice, align your brand with WJCT, PBS and NPR, names that are synonymous with quality and excellence, and reinforce your commitment to the First Coast community.

Reach WJCT’s educated and affluent active audience in an uncluttered, targeted media. Utilize a multi-format public media approach.

  • 89.9 FM News Talk Information
  • Relax Radio 89.9HD3
  • Radio Reading Service 89.9FM Sub-Channel
  • WJCT TV-best in television programming for children and adults
  • WJCT Create-Cooking Shows, Gardening, Home Improvement and How-To Programs
  • WJCT World-top documentary, public affairs and nonfiction programming
  • WJCT Partners-public affairs and news programming from the Florida channel, local government and partnering organizations
  • Introductory program of annual corporate support of public television and radio with company recognition in thank you spots
  • Digital sponsorship
    • Women’s Health Conference
    • Teacher’s Conference and training
    • Mr. Roger’s Sweater Drive
    • PBS and NPR celebrity appearances
    • Statewide sponsorship with any or all PBS and NPR stations located throughout Florida