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WJCT Radio Reading Service enriches and empowers the lives of individuals in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia who are visually impaired and print challenged. Our closed circuit radio station broadcasts commercial-free readings of local and national newspapers, magazines, books, and much more 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Founded on May 3, 1993, it remains the only service of its kind on the First Coast.
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Grants & Donations

The Uptown Civitan Club of Jacksonville presented the Radio Reading Service $3,000 on Sept. 9, 2014 to help pay for the specially-programmed radios that are given free to blind and print-challenged listeners. (L) Mary Jo Marjenhoff of the Uptown Civitan Club and (R) Michelle Corum of WJCT’s Radio Reading Service.

Members of Delta Gamma sorority at UNF donated $4,000.00 to WJCT’s Radio Reading Service for the blind and visually impaired during a WJCT volunteer luncheon held April 10. The funds will help pay for the special sub-channel radios that listeners need in order to hear the service. In addition to this contribution, Delta Gamma sorority members, as part of their philanthropy, help read the Sunday newspaper (the Florida Times-Union) to the approximately 1,200 listeners who need it. Pictured from left to right: WJCT Radio Reading Manager Michelle Corum, Delta Gammas Courtney Minich, Caitlyn Baggarly, Juliana Santucci and WJCT President and CEO Michael Boylan.


WJCT Radio Reading Service provides news, information, and entertainment through a wide variety of publications, including the Florida Times-Union, USA Today, New York Times, Washington Post, popular magazines, and best selling books. Other highlights include tales of travel, poetry, home repairs with The Blind Handyman, health, exercise, consumer tips, and more! Our locally produced and hosted programs include Sports Gumbo (Sundays at 2am & 2pm) and Williemae’s Inspirational Music (Sundays at 4pm). Over 40 local volunteers, as well as program providers and volunteer readers throughout the country, help WJCT Radio Reading Service achieve excellence in programming.

Sports Gumbo

Sports Gumbo is an hour of sports news, trivia, facts, and blogs as produced and hosted by Jacksonville’s Earl Kitchings. Sundays at 2am & 2pm.


Williemae’s Inspirational Music

Williemae’s Inspirational Music is an hour of beautiful music compiled by WJCT receptionist, Williemae Young. Williemae puts together a program that touches, inspires and heals the soul through music. Each show relates to different components of relationships and life’s challenges. Sundays at 4pm.


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WJCT Radio Reading Service broadcasts on a sub-channel of WJCT 89.9 FM. The broadcast is not accessible on a traditional radio. A special radio receiver is provided free of charge to eligible applicants for as long as they choose to use it. To request a radio receiver, please submit a Listener Application.

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Howard Rosenman

Volunteer Howard Rosenman (above) is just one of the many volunteers who read the Florida Times Union newspaper on-air every day in the WJCT Radio Reading studios.


Volunteers provide the heart and voice of the WJCT Radio Reading Service. Local volunteers broadcast live readings of the Florida Times-Union and other printed material seven days a week. Each volunteer reads up to two hours per week with one or two partners. Our volunteers represent all walks of life. They are teachers, librarians, financial executives, former broadcasters, entrepreneurs, homemakers, photographers, actors, attorneys, students, and retired professionals. Listed below are qualifications that enable them, and hopefully YOU, to maintain the high quality of service our listeners deserve.

  • pleasant reading voice
  • excellent pronunciation and projection
  • smooth reading ability
  • nice inflection
  • compassion and sensitivity
  • interest in community and current events
  • commitment, dependability, and availability

If you are unable to be a reader, we greatly appreciate volunteers who lend their time and expertise in other roles. Join our team of dedicated volunteers who make a difference every day in an incredibly unique, rewarding, and fun way!

RRS Volunteer Application


WJCT Radio Reading Service is a non-profit service depending solely on donations to operate. Contributions are vital to the continued success and growth of this service. Your tax-deductible gift will provide news, information, entertainment, and cultural opportunities to community members who are visually impaired and print challenged. You will connect and engage listeners as you give the gift of independence.

Make tax-deductible donations to:

WJCT Radio Reading Service
100 Festival Park Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32202


Michelle Corum
WJCT Radio Reading Service
100 Festival Park Avenue
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