Join WJCT’s own Al Letson for a collection of stories, sounds and interviews, from across the world of public radio and right here on the First Coast, centered around a particular theme. You’ll also hear select pieces from some of our favorite podcasts and other shows not currently heard on the radio in Northeast Florida.
Airs Sundays at 1pm on WJCT 89.9FM.

Freestyle – Everything Sounds

On this episode, we hear stories from Everything Sounds, a podcast and radio show exploring the role of sound in…

Freestyle – Family

On this episode, we explore family relationships and how they help to make us who we are.

Freestyle – Time Travel

On this episode, we crisscross time and space with stories about traveling through time.

Freestyle – Radio Diaries

On this episode, we hear stories of two men from two different times in their lives from the “Teenage Diaries”…

Freestyle – Sound

On this episode, we explore the role that sound plays in our lives.

Freestyle – 99% Invisible

On this episode, we hear pieces from the award-winning show, 99% Invisible, which explores the hidden world of design.

Freestyle – Love

On this episode, we tell stories of love and its many complications.

Freestyle – Life Of The Law

On this episode, we listen to pieces from one of our favorite podcasts, Life of the Law, which offers a…