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  • mickey_moussaoui

    1964: The American Experience
    I just watched the 1964: American Experience on my local
    state public television. I enjoyed the program and it certainly brought back
    many memories. I have one issue with the producer and his choice to lean left
    on the historical record and the way the subliminal message was portrayed in
    the film. In the section on President Johnson’s efforts to move the vote on civil
    rights, the film passed the image that it was only Republicans who President Johnson had to sway to his side. It should be noted, for the record, that the majority of Democrats voted against the 14th amendment, The Civil Rights
    Act. Even though Goldwater was a dominant figure for the new Conservative Party at that time, the real barrier to Johnson’s civil rights agenda was the racist
    faction within the Democrat party, not the Conservative Republicans of that
    era. Without the support of the Republican vote, Johnson, and America would not
    of won that victory.

    It would be a good gesture if leftist Democrats finally
    admit that the history of their own political party wasn’t as ideologically
    pure as their revisionist ideas often are.

  • Randy Covington

    I see the station does not wish open debate on the Common Core.

  • g5club

    Of course Fordham is going to push Common Core- they have received money from the biggest Common Core supporter there is- Bill Gates! Fordham Institute has a vested interest = money, almost 2 million so far! Reality is, FL’s standards were higher than Common Core States Standards but yet our state is spending billions of dollars on experimental lower standards, how is that benefiting our children? Better yet, who is looking out for our children?

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  • mikeman

    I listened to t.d. allman spout off his nasty nonsense on this morning’s show. After less than 30 seconds, I concluded allman has a real personality issue, that being he’s a jerk. I have to question what possible benefit to your audience this guy’s rants serve?
    Thanks for nothing.

  • Frances

    You have to ask yourself, why Allman hates Florida, so much! I know the Spanish were brutal to the Huguenots, but at the same time, they left France because of persecution, The Catholic Church’s fight with The Reformation Movement, taking place, in Europe. One needs to understand history and the importance of the mores of that time. He says he’s a native, but I bet we are talking about 2nd or 3rd generation. He rewrites history to support his opinion. He doesn’t even know that the earliest settlers, still living here were not the Menorcans, but the Spanish Families of Perez,, Solana, and Sanchez. These families can be traced back to the first settlers brought by Menendez, in the late 1500’s. It is true these families, married Menorcans, once, the Menorcans fled to St Augustine.

  • christine O’Brien

    please enter my name for the 10th anniversary CD give away. Christine O’Brien. reach me at obhands@hotmail.com


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  • johnny mars

    Love PBS!

  • Cannabis University

    Thank you for having us on the show this morning Melissa, it was great speaking with you.

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  • thedifference2

    Oh I get it.. You take a stick and you hit the drum…. Nice Kiss shirt ….wheres the coke machine…… Nice work… if your into great drum solos.. Im not.. Im just thirsty.. What kind of hair do you use.. WAit… don’t answer… JUST SHUT THE F$%^&K UP!!!!

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  • Master Luke

    Very well done. Loved it.

  • billgraham1961

    I wrote some lyrics about Florida’s wetlands today. I’ll probably write the music for my song this week.

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  • Orlando Chris

    Vote Adrian Wyllie for Governor! Also, Bill Wohlsifer for Attorney General and yes on 2.

    Why vote between 2 known liars? Florida, we are fortunate enough not to

    be stuck picking one liar or the other this time. We actually have an

    alternative. Take advantage of the opportunity. Adrian Wyllie deserves

    my vote. He is a honest average Floridian just as you and I , that is

    willing to stand up and do something for the interest of all of us here

    in Florida. The other candidates both Republican and Democrat are owned

    and controlled by special interest, like puppets and will lie to your

    face to gain your vote, then continue the same old agenda that we

    complain about year after year. Time to get off this merry-go-round,

    election after election, thinking it will be any different. Take a

    stand, vote for the candidate that loves this state and is willing to

    take time out of his life, effort and money to SERVE the people of

    Florida, and stop voting for these ‘paid for’ career politicians that are

    only out for money and fame and have zero interest in us Floridians.

    Even if it’s just for honesty alone, vote for Adrian Wyllie instead of

    the other two (Scott/Crist) which are proven liars. The choice is yours

    and yours alone, if you want the same old corruption and slap in the

    face, go ahead and vote for one of the two puppets (Scott/Crist) OR do

    what is right for our (yours and your children’s) future and vote for

    Adrian Wyllie. Support him by donating to his campaign, spreading the

    word and contribute to the super brochure program which I think is very powerful. Visit his website today

  • Chris

    Comparison chart of the Candidates for Florida Governor:
    Vote Adrian Wyllie!

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  • Chris

    Comparison chart of the Candidates for Florida Governor:
    Vote Adrian Wyllie

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  • mikeman

    Since your radio show assumes the role of community organizer in the pursuit of social justice, I think you’re slipping. A 16 year old Raines student was hit by a car driven by a 75 year old. Here’s your mission First Coast Connect, should you choose to accept. Find out if the 75 year old was white, and if he/she is, then start the agitation process. You know the drill: Racism is behind this so called accident. After you plant that well used seed, enlist some expert comments from a minority professor/politician/passer by. And then beat the story to death, have as many First Coast Connect shows as necessary until the government steps in and punishes someone in the Tea Party, republican party or passer by.

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  • Barbara Smith


  • thefirstdiggit

    Tell us more about when and HOW to vote for our favorite artist please.

  • Jerry Lane

    Excellent old world craftsmanship! Seldom seen in our “CNC Machine” culture anymore.

  • Kate Kucera

    What a great detail. Makes me happier just looking at them!

  • kim

    Where is the coastal biologist? Dr. Jaffee aside, do you just want big business to be included in the forum?

  • Vanderbil Covington

    It’s a shame one of the largest cities in the US, Jacksonville doesn’t have a decent jazz and easy listening radio station. My only interest in music came from FM music played on WJTZ 90.9 Jones College. The station has been sold and no longer broadcast in Jax, leaving only Rock/Rap, and Country music formats. Of course there are several Conservative propaganda stations, but the spewing of lies is not an interest to people who love good music

  • Charissa

    Our school is participating and I was trying to find a list of nonprofits where the donations will end up. Where can I find this?

    • Hello Charissa,

      Our apologies for the delayed respomse. Here is a list of nonprofits to which the sweaters are donated: Clara White Mission, Sulzbacher Center, Salvation Army, St. Vincent’s Mobile Outreach Unit, Duval county Police Department Re-Entry Center, St. Marks Episcopal Church and any others that call and ask for help!

  • Kathleen Dale

    I love your painting! You are very talented.

  • Leslie Welch

    Beautiful! I love everything about this–the sound, her voice, the words, her story. Thumbs up!

  • Margaret Leann Whittington

    I love this piece!!!

  • Amara Cudney

    Ms. Shepherd has captured the essence of dance embeded with the spirituality of ‘snake’ medicine. The freedom that this piece evokes make me want to lift my feet, let go, be free and surrender to a greater wisdom. As in many of her works, she has captured the spirit of movement which is such an essential aspect in sculpture. I love this piece, love this artist’s work!

  • Chrissy Branch

    This is definitely a beautiful painting… I wish I could buy it! Great work.

  • Kirk Chamberlain

    Great images and a grinding hunger building, left with juicy thoughts. Yum…..

  • Art Guy

    I couldn’t sit by without the original artist being recognized and credited. Here’s the original work by Norman Rockwell: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-f_nRJcrzfTk/UOSSV8j-1LI/AAAAAAAAHJA/oeAkX-s8Kg4/s1600/Norman-Rockwell-The-Stay-at-Homes-Outward-Bound-1927.jpg

  • Tammy Smith

    That is beautiful. Great Job.

  • Stephanie Thomas Hudson

    I love this painting by Norma weatherly, great job would like to see some of your own originals, great talent!

  • ashley


  • Sue Ann Sheward

    I have seen this wonderful art work in person…Kate is a truly gifted individual. Those who know her, like I do, are better for having her in our lives.

  • Sylvia Hardwicke Woodrum


  • Rick Boschen

    “GOLD ARC” definitely has a unique and memorable presentation. In my opinion, a very positive and thought provoking work of art !

  • RobC

    All voter ballots sould have a “None of the above” option.
    This way we can track the lack of viable canidates and, when this option gets the majority vote, we can have a follow-up election (hopefully) with better candidates!

  • ParaLaUAZ!

    One reason to drop the embargo and allow more U.S. citizens to visit Cuba? Education. Americans – as represented by some of the comments on this show – are completely clueless about the reality of Cuba. The woman who claimed Cuba has nothing of interest to trade with the USA, since “Bacardi is already here in Jacksonville”. OMG.

    How many Americans are aware that Cuba manufactures the only vaccine in the world that arrests the development of lung cancer? Or the dozens of other biomedical products created by a booming industry that has developed precisely because the U.S. embargo banned Cuba’s purchase of medicines on the world market?

    And to those who are worried that hundreds of American tourists would toss a lifeline to the Castro government – you are obviously unaware that Cuba currently receives around 3-million European and Canadian tourists each year. The only thing that a few hundred U.S. tourists will do to Cuba is make the beaches less attractive to the rest of us.

    Cuba’s #1 income earner right now is not tourism. It’s not even mining. It’s the sale of medical services by Cuban doctors and nurses who are working all over the world. Those are in addition to the thousands of Cuban medical personnel on aid missions – funded by the Cuban government – working in areas like West Africa, where Cubans are the largest on-the-ground, front-line health care army taking on the Ebola outbreak.

    As a Canadian who has lived in Cuba and studied the island since 1994, I have a perspective unencumbered by a half-century of U.S. hostility to the island. Cuba did not invade the U.S. (remember the Bay of Pigs?). Cuba did not conduct terrorist acts on U.S. soil (but was the recipient of hundreds of incidents: bombings, assassinations, biological warfare, etc. conducted by the USA or groups the US allows to operate in Florida). Cuba has not initiated a financial blockade on the USA (while a simple Google search will provide you with many examples of US and even foreign banks fined for ‘breaking the embargo’ with Cuba). Cuba is the victim in this scenario, and the U.S. bully has finally decided to stop stealing its lunch money, and instead will from this point forward attempt to undermine the Cuban government with the carrot, not the stick. But the ultimate aim is the same: the USA wants Cuba to return to it’s pre-1959 role as America’s whorehouse in the Caribbean.

    U.S. citizens need to get over their 50 years of ignorance and learn about this country about which they have literally no idea.

  • Wayne Heckrotte

    How could I not vote for an Oriole. Good luck Hon!

  • Akira Odani

    I like the vibrant color and optimism of your work,

  • cynthia

    I really enjoy the two arches. One being the belly of the Oriole and the other the branch it is sitting on. Great composition and I also love the brilliant colors.

  • opeyuvadown

    You like this? Google this woman, her work is captivating. Her art is a great place to get lost in a wonderland of imagery

  • beachgirl24

    This is my Uncle. He’s so very talented. We are all so proud of him. 🙂

  • Elissa Long

    Just Beautiful!

  • Jami childers

    Beautiful job!

  • Jami childers

    I love the colors in the sky & the tree is awesome.

  • Someone on facebook asked me to post the lyrics. Happy to do so. In answer to another question, this isn’t autobiographical, but like most art, I think, there are some pieces of me in here.

    They grew up together since the summer when they both turned 3
    when a Momma and Daddy moved Into the house ‘cross the street
    they were always together at school and at Church every week
    and they promised each other and exchanged some Dandelion Rings

    he went to the city and she went to the University
    so they could become the people that they’re supposed to be
    she lost her religion and he lost his naivety
    but these things don’t weigh much and they never noticed ‘em leave

    there’s not always a price you can pay
    to get back what you lost yesterday
    but if it spirals around what’s lost can be found
    life’s kinda funny that way

    a time zone of distance put a decade or more in between
    but when they met up for dinner it felt like it’d been just a week
    “the first million’s your hardest”, he said over long Island ice tea
    she said that the same thing is true for a Doctor’s degree

    she said “Life’s Just great”, and he couldn’t complain of a thing
    though things didn’t turn out the way that they thought they would be
    they parted their ways with both of them cryin themselves to sleep
    they thought it was too late to rewrite their own history


  • Amarissa Hedrick

    that is my art teacher she did this ON MY SCHOOL WALL

  • We were shooting a little home-made video last weekend for a new song we’re really excited about, “Targets and Triggers” in case anyone is interested is checking out more about Mortimer Rex:


    This is not an edited film, just a floor camera (a Go Pro – so it’s got a bit of the “fish-eye” going on). In fact, you can see one of our friends (wearing PJs!) filming as he gets into the shot for a while. It’ll all be edited out, but you can see us in action, so to speak.

    The sound isn’t good – it’s just the mic on the camera, not recorded from the board, so forgive the quality if you can.

  • Gearin Ballweg

    Interesting color and texture in the grasses, too.

  • We must mention that Rick Groves is playing Bass in Dandelion. We had a great time recording it, and his work really makes this song great. Mortimer Rex certainly hopes to continue having Rick play with us.

  • Paul


  • Caren

    Mandatory sentences have to go. One size fits all should not be allowed in our judicial system. That’s why they are called Judges. Prosecutors have too much power and some abuse their power.

  • Kimberly Waterhouse

    I’m shaking my head and absolutely not understanding, why a community program, such as JaxPAL, is not in this conversation or represented. Everything that I’m listening to, is exactly what our programs and services are all about. This is Kimberly Waterhouse, 1st VP on the JaxPal board of directors.

  • DL Hancock

    I watched the show tonight and was shocked at the misinformation in the crowd. What I watched was to many people telling stories of what they’ve been told by mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle and NOT true history or reallity.
    The first two problems I had was that the host of the show and the female attorney told stories about their children and I will elaborate from there.
    The Attorney stated that she always told her children to call home if they were pulled over INSTEAD of telling her children to respect people and especially Police officers, that you DO NOT fight the law on the side of the street but in the courtroom. She stated that her kids get mouthy and they more or less have that right instead of just showing respect. NO ONE has the right to get mouthy, PERIOD, especially a kid and not smart to a cop on the side of the road.
    I was honestly shocked at her answer on this topic, but I am not done with her.
    The Host-Al Letson told a story of his son at the mall or somewhere playing music and an officer asking him to move. However, Mr Letson reinterated that the cop keep agging his son on and his son Got MAD. Mr Letson, IF you are worried about your son making it home alive, you honestly need to tell him to growup, keep his mouth shut and especially NOT to get mad with Police officers. Plain and simple. If you cannot understand that sir, I dont know what else to tell you.
    The female attorney- Her speech on desegregation and HER fact of Black Teachers being taken out of Black schools to teach those poor stupid White Kids and that is more or less what she was saying was misinformation told to her.
    I would say to her to go to Civilrights.org and research desegregation and busing and then I would say for her to PLEASE use Common Sense.
    Today AA’s make up approxiamtely 13% of america, which I would guess the numbers were much lower in 1968-1978, meaning that how many AA teachers do you really think there were that could have been moved to teach white students AND had Masters degree’s? In your mind, desegregation happened to help White kids when in reallity it was just the opposite.
    Just like today, schools receive tax money per the tax income in their district. AA’s continued to fail schooling and used funding as the problem. Therefore, to help Black students get an equal education, Blacks and Whites were bused for sometimes up to 50 miles away from home, even though they lived right next door to a school.
    I am NOT writing this as a negative to anyone. I am writing this to correct the Misinformation with in ALL communities b/c NONE of this happened when the majority of the audience tonight was alive. However, EVERYTHING I’ve written can be researched and most is on civilrights.org.
    Until Black america AND White America get over the misinfirmation that mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle and ALL other relatives STOPS and is debunked, we cannot move forward to a peaceful nation.
    In what I watched, ONLY one person even came close to telling the truth OR should I say given true facts and that was the Police officer as it happens. People gave stories as they’ve benen told.
    The Pastor brought up good points, but stopped short of saying what should have been said or he honestly didnt know.
    Yes, the problems are within the Black Community and that is not newly known. Its just that everyone rejects that argument.
    The problem is NOT with ALL Blacks, the problem is with poor Blacks,poor whites etc and i would bet that IF you checked, in most cases the poverty/drug use/who knows has continued from generation to generation.
    We had great grandma, great grandad, grandma, grandad, mom, dad either not there or not willing to work or whatever the problem was. it may have been caused by white america and jobs at the time for great grandma, great grandad and they told the stories of being held back and then their kids didnt go anywhere and left their kids and they didnt go anywhere in life and so on and so forth and when people DO NOT go anywhere in life, what do they do, They Blame others. No one takes responsibility for failures. This happens in EVERY Culture, not just Black america.
    Now, I have worked closely with every race, I have lived with every race, I have depended on EVERY race to watch my back ti LIVE and I have watched theirs and I will even use the most famous words in being called a racist. some of best friends and people I respected were Black. No Problem.
    One other point I want to make. Blacks continue to believe that White people are the racist. However, I would suggest for anyone of you try two things and I guarantee you that IF no one tells the others, I know the results of Who are or will be the true racist.
    Take a Black man and send him into the most backwoods bar you can find and I guarantee you, he will be fine.
    Now, Have a White man go into a Black only bar and I guarantee you that it will NOT take 5 minuites before he’s attacked. I’ve had it happen many times. If it doesnt happen, they were told, plain and simple and you know it. I’ve seen it happen to many times.
    I could tell you about REAL america since 1968 ( As I see it and many facts that went along with it from the feds), but refuse b/c there is no doubt that I would be attacked and I would have to defend myself.
    All that I can say is that everytning I’ve written about, is on Google or should be and can be researched..

  • Good to see your work. I think painting has become more than just a hobby to you.

  • Alex

    Bottom line, gay marriage is wrong and gays adopting children is even worse.

    • Steve Kudlo

      Easy to say if you’re not gay.

      • Alex

        Find other meaning in life.

        Alex Vohr

  • Dimelza Broche

    The correct website address is http://dimelzabroche.wix.com/fineart

  • Kishon Jones

    Beautiful piece by Diane Woods.. Sunset before Fireworks

  • Charlene Chewning

    Another beautiful photo by Michael Cenci

  • Carl Gluckert

    Love it

  • Beautiful

  • The strong language in this poem illustrates such powerful connotations. I think that’s a commendable skill to possess.

  • Maryann Mahan Brown

    Fantastic painting cousin.!!!!

  • colette clark

    Maura has totally transferred her excellent 2D work into the third dimension. WoW!

  • Stephen Mason

    Thank you for votes! Much Love!

  • billmorgenstein

    Love it and passed it on!

    • Stephen Mason

      Thank you very much Mr. @billmorgenstein have a great weekend!

  • Rich Turck

    Very interesting! Is a DVD of this program available for purchase?

  • tebo governdor

    i love it!

    • Stephen Mason

      TY S/O to @tebogoverndor

  • Rachael Monaco

    AWESOME! Love it and shared!

    • Stephen Mason

      Hi Rachael, we appreciate the love!

    • Stephen Mason

      Hello @disqus_Ly6B8bYRsI thank you very much!

  • Om Sinha

    Great song, nice lyrics, loved it!! Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work Stephen. God Bless!

    • Stephen Mason

      Thanks so much Om, God bless as well brother!

    • Stephen Mason

      Than you for taking the time to listen and send a positive message!

  • @reallyruthless

    Husky melody with a touch of country, something you can sing along too

    • Stephen Mason

      Hi @reallyruthless:disqus thank you for the listen a fine comments! Have a great weekend!

  • Avery Repetto

    Really love this song. Thanks for telling me to listen to it. I will be letting my friends listen to it now.

    • Stephen Mason

      Good morning Avery – we sure appreciate your kind words and share!


  • @DanGott

    I love this song, thank you Stephen for pointing out. I’ve given it a shout to my followers in Twitter.

    • Stephen Mason

      Hi @DanGott thank you for listening!

  • Ty Gardner

    Absolutely one of the most well written and produced songs I’ve heard in years!

    • Stephen Mason

      Thank you very much TyGardner Music!

  • Stephen Mason

    Good morning Tonya – we thank you for the ecouraging words, and sharing!

  • Simone Green

    Go mr.Cenci’s dad!

  • Jeff Thompson

    That’s a really good song. Nicely put together.

    • Stephen Mason

      Hi Jeff, thank you !

  • Ek Garrido

    Why we are getting toll roads in Jacksonville when we already paid taxes to not to have tolls roads ? I like this not to be like Orlando or Miami where wherever you go need to pay extra money, this city don’t have the tourism to afford that.

  • Jon Finsness

    is this streamable and how?

  • Chowdhury

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  • Ron Roth

    What do you do when one of the symptoms of the mental illness is a denial that they need help?

  • c.florin

    thank you or sugestion an awesome song!!!

    • Stephen Mason

      Thanks so much!

  • rainbow14000

    Great song. Intro a bit long. Nice country voice!

    • Stephen Mason

      Thank you! We are always trying to improve, have a great 4th!

  • Stephen Mason

    Thank you – we are always trying to improve – have a great 4th.

  • Beautiful!

  • Great song just shared!

    • Hi Leslie – thank you for listening, enjoying and sharing! Makes our Day!

  • Cassandra Maire Heke

    Great country voice! Great song <3 from NZ

    • We love to hear that news! Hi Cassandra – many thanks! How’s NZ – I’ve heard it’s beautiful?

      • Rick Hayes

        Stunning here. We are in Hawkes Bay – heaven on Earth!!

    • Sure appreciate the good words

  • Loretta

    I am looking for the pics from the meet buddy thing there are some of my daughter on there i would like to download them

  • Jeanie Lijoi

    Vote !

  • Luca Matrill

    What is it?! I think it is something unclear! I want to give you good advice! Tips that will save you from fatigue and bad mood! Problems with writing essays is a problem that occurs in everyone! So, I recommend online writing help .

  • Noahisk

    The figures shape and position is so striking!

  • Phillip Lanier Carter

    I loved watching these beautiful birds in the dark cypress swamps of the woods I roamed in as a child. Watching “woodies” for hours allowed me to gain an intimate knowledge of their habits. Such as the fact that they feed on acorns. I also, learned the sound of the mournful cries that they make to each other. It adds to their ghost like character as they move in and out of the swamp thickets appearing and disappearing in the black water bobbing for acorns to fill their craw’s.

  • Huffleclaw

    Really awesome song! ♡pbs!

  • kraftymax

    WHOO HOOOO, I am honored to be a part of this organization and be able to show you my beaded art creation!! ~KM

  • Deborah W

    This is gorgeous! I know it took a long time. Glad you got through your surgery and are doing well. Keep up the great art work! 🙂

    • kraftymax

      🙂 thank you!! Yes, the beads have kept me busy!! ~KM

  • Eugenie

    This is an amazing piece. All you’re work is so beautiful.

    • kraftymax

      Thank you, that means so much!! ~KM

  • Wow this is pretty cool looking! Great work.

    • kraftymax

      Thank you very much! ~KM

  • Beverly Conroy

    This is amazing art work!

    • kraftymax

      Thank you!! ~KM

  • Keri LaPensee

    I utterly am in love with this it is a symbol that truly resonates for me which is why I had gotten a tribal one tattooed on my wrist many many years ago.

    • kraftymax

      🙂 Thank you very much…I love all the meaning behind it as well! ~KM

  • Laura Wilson-Farmer

    One of the most incredible pieces of beaded artistry I’ve ever see. I SO wish I could get this piece…maybe someday or something similar

    • kraftymax

      🙂 thank you!! ~KM

  • Robert Like Ht1 USN Ret.

    There are two Navy Veterans in this household. These two met while station at Pearl Harbor, HawIi. We were fortate to meet there and were married after about six months from the date we met. We have been married now for thirty years. It has not been easy. My wife (Ann) was station at FORD ISLAND. Me (Robert Like) stationed at Subbase Pearl). We were both in during the mission of Brands but was not part of the force that went there. We supported the troops from our shore duty. Later I (Robert) was involved in the Pursuant Gulf War ànd the Bosian Conflict. II have serve twenty years and my wife six years.

  • Laura Wilson-Farmer

    Just can’t say enough about how amazing this is!

    • kraftymax

      Thank you very much!! ~KM

  • Susan Wilson

    Awesome! My 10 year old son likes it, too 🙂

    • kraftymax

      Thank you so much!! ~KM

  • Laurie Simon

    Some of the answers can be found at http://www.mentalhealthrights.org/

  • iprazhm

    Please folks you have to click on the green outlined ‘thumb’s up’ icon because just clicking ‘Like’ doesn’t cast your vote. Good luck Desa!

  • Ronnie Anthony Pate

    Done…Nice picture…

  • Marsha Knox

    We know I LOVE IT! Lol

  • Marcelo Giancarlo

    Magnifico. È questo artista disponibili per la vendita? Quale galleria o agente rappresenta questo artista?
    La ringrazio,

  • Terri C.

    We love Maple Street and now that we’ve heard the their story, we love them even more. Large corporations should take a lesson from what Scott and Gus have done. If you care about your folks on an individual level, it makes a difference 360 degrees!

    Thanks for enhancing our community Maple Street!

  • Betsy Bess

    Great song and voice <3

  • Rohit

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  • Kristian

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  • Dan Lee

    NPR is the only radio station my wife and I listen to and annually contribute to. This Errthang show has disappointed me in your otherwise high standard for programming. It seems to validate and even promote the bastardization of the English language. The stories may be fine but I just can’t get past the “DJ” kind of nonsense chatter.

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    Once a thriving community of businessmen and their family’s, this little piece of paradise has been lost in time, no longer inhabited by outsiders, reclaimed by nature. It’s peaceful tranquility tugs at the heart with the hiss of rushing water over the old dam, the natural beauty of nature at it’s best. It’s location is unknown by many, few have been fortunate to have happened upon it and those who have are drawn back again and again to soak in the awe of nature’s power to comfort even the most weary soul. Mr. Wayne Morgan has made it possible for many to enjoy this little known treasure of Brantley County, Georgia with his beautiful Photography.

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  • Sally Marks

    I am offending by “girls day out” every single time I hear that advertisement it sickens me. I completely agree with nomd from a year ago that no one would market an event for men as “boys day out”. It recalls the period in our history when women were stuck in the house, and NEEDED day out once in a while! How very backwards! I wouldn’t expect this from NPR, I would expect this coming from maybe Daughters of the American Revolution?

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    Good grief settle down. I really don’t think calling the event “Girls day out” means that they don’t think we are women. And to equate this with taking away our right to vote is rediculous. Why so sensitive? It’s just a cute name for the event.

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    Denying civil rights – e.g., voting – in Florida is a racist effort enacted after the U.S. Civil War as a barrier to voting by newly freed Afro-American slaves. It is a clearly vindictive, counter-productive, archaic process that is an embarrassment to our state and its people. It did not then and does not now have anything to do with reducing crime or making our communities safer. It is the same racist effort today as a century ago. We are one of the very few states that deny civil rights to felons who have completed their sentences.

    Many years ago I worked for the Department of Corrections in another state and was on the team who instituted a new community corrections program. We established and operated a pre-release center where we worked with inmates in a community setting near their original home for 90-180 days before they went on parole or completed their sentences in some other manner. On the check list for every inmate before leaving our center was, for instance, a current driver’s license and registering to vote in the community to which they would be returning. We wanted our inmates to succeed and to be productive members of our communities once they returned to open society. Florida apparently wants inmates to fail once they complete their sentences by placing every barrier possible in their way. Florida apparently believes that every felony conviction comes with a lifetime penalty – removal of civil rights and exclusion from many occupations and licenses – crippling the individual for life despite the fact he/she completed his/her sentence. Clearly Florida has thrown out the tradition of equal justice. Very sad.

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