Join the adventure as crafters travel
the globe and discover artisanal treasures!

Destination Craft Episode 4: Tuscany

Destination Craft with Jim West journeys to Tuscany and discovers the importance of “la famiglia” (family) in Italian arts and crafts; whether it’s creating mosaic masterpieces, crafting leatherworks, painting frescos, learning Florentine paper marbling, or meeting a master of embroidery who collaborates with fashion’s royalty. Molto Bene!

Destination Craft Episode 3: Guatemala

Destination Craft with Jim West travels to colorful Guatemala to uncover its rich heritage of craftsmanship. We’ll work with master crafters on candle making, back strap weaving, cotton dyeing, and exquisite embroidery. We’ll explore a medicinal garden, craft the perfect cup of coffee, and cook-up tasty tamales.

Destination Craft Episode 2: Christmas Crafts of Austria & Germany

Destination Craft with Jim West explores the Christmas crafts of Austria & Germany; stirring up classic apple strudel, hand crafting traditional lederhosen, carving Christmas stars in Oberammergau, blowing glittering glass ornaments in the company of masters, and shopping for crafts in Salzburg’s famous Christmas market.

Destination Craft Episode 1: Bali

Destination Craft with Jim West discovers the heart and soul of Bali through the hands of its master crafters. We’ll learn the art of batik, master the strokes of Balinese painting, encounter exotic elephants, carve traditional wood masks alongside masters, and enjoy a foodie experience with a Balinese chef!

Destination Craft with Jim West is original in every sense of the word, as no show in the history of television has focused their attention on both travel and crafts in one program. Every episode of Destination Craft with Jim West takes you to a different destination around the world, and highlights the crafts and people, the traditions, the sights, the food, capturing extraordinary landscapes, and brings everything together in an informative and entertaining manner. The show is hosted and created by craft & travel expert Jim West, and each episode features up to twelve different crafters who make up the cast who come from a variety of backgrounds, representing all levels of the crafting audience.

This exciting combination of crafts and travel engages viewers who appreciate and enjoy visiting fascinating destinations around the world and at the same time provides crafters with an in depth look on how to create crafts they normally would not have considered doing.

Highlights from the series include a cooking lesson in each of the destinations, unusual crafts created in remote and primitive locations taught by master artisans, breathtaking scenery shot in high definition, ancient traditions, and fun and humor through our entertaining host and cast members.

On all accounts, Destination Craft with Jim West is ground breaking in its concept and is sure to be a favorite of millions of viewers from around the world.

Beginning December 13th the door will be opened to a brand new chapter in television when it premieres four episodes of a groundbreaking new series. As the presenting station to American Public Television, WJCT is previewing the show in advance of its distribution to public television stations throughout the United States.

“Destination Craft with Jim West” highlights the heart and soul of master artisans around the world who are being elevated to a place where the entire world can appreciate their passion and the unique and special crafts they create.

  • December 13 – Discover craft treasures in Bali
  • December 20 – Explore the Christmas markets of Germany and Austria
  • December 27 – Craft your way through Guatemala
  • January 3 – Discover treasures in Tuscany

Travel the globe with Jim West and discover the treasure of crafts that date back centuries in time. Streaming online right here and on the WJCT mobile app beginning December 13, episodes will also be broadcast on WJCT7-1 (Comcast 8 & 440) on Tuesday afternoons at 1:00PM EST.

“I feel blessed to be part of this groundbreaking series and appreciate
the opportunity to work with the team at WJCT.”

– Executive Producer & Celebrity Host Jim West