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Impasse Over Health Care Expansion Deepens

The stalemate between the House and Senate over billions of dollars in health-care funding deepened Tuesday, as the federal government suggested that the fate of a pool of money for hospitals and other medical providers was tied to the state’s decision…

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Scott Signs Bill To Scale Back Testing

Gov. Rick Scott on Tuesday signed a wide-ranging bill aimed at rolling back the number of tests given to public school students, capping off a discussion that saw Florida Republicans ease back at least slightly on a longstanding principle of the state’…

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Volunteers Prepare Free Tax Returns At Seven Sites In Duval County

The United Way of Northeast Florida is gearing up to help as many people as possible beat Wednesday’s tax-filing deadline.

Jeff Winkler is the Director of Real Sense, a United Way coalition of financial service providers for low-income residents.

Winkler says last year’s single-location event on April 15 didn’t work as well as expected.

“So we’re trying a new approach and we’re having these seven different tax sites that are going to be open simultaneously,” Winkler said. “Between those seven sites alone, we should be able to serve close to 300 clients in one day.”

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