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1/19/2017: Women’s March On Washington; Read 66; St. Augustine Film Festival

Thursday on First Coast Connect, we spoke with local residents Judy Sheklin and Lori Shad who will be attending Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington. As part of NPR’s “A Nation Engaged” collaboration with local stations we asked listeners what they want the new president to know about themselves and their community as he takes office. We also spoke with Read 66 spokesman Chris Boivin and Jacksonville Public Library regional manager Keli Mathis about their initiative to get more people to read. Gregory von Hausch, president and CEO of the St. Augustine Film Festival, talked about this weekend’s films and events.

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Human Trafficking Division Created In Jacksonville State Attorney’s Office

Northeast Florida State Attorney Melissa Nelson announced Tuesday her office is creating a new division to go after human traffickers on the First Coast. “Because these crimes intersect with almost all different areas of the criminal justice system including drug trafficking, sexual assault and others,” Nelson said. “And because these crimes affect some of the most vulnerable in our community, adding these dedicated resources is a way that we can help those preyed upon to end this vicious cycle.” Nelson is a member of the Northeast Florida Human Trafficking Coalitio , which works with judges, lawyers, police officers, social workers and community groups to increase awareness of the problem. Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said last year the coalition helped 44 victims and put more than two dozen human traffickers behind bars — including this one: “In 2016 we arrested Antwan Harper: He approached a juvenile victim 15-year old, who was also a missing person, in a local mall in late

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