Moonshine Bandits

Just Tyler

“Our Gold Rush wasn’t always about the glitter because we took the long haul,” Tex says, and just like many of the hopeful dreamers who panned the creeks of the old west’s badlands, the Moonshine Bandits encountered their share of setbacks but never quit. “We got in the trenches,” Tex continues, “learned and got burned.”  The group’s Gold Rush reflects on a career that wasn’t about following some set of rules; this is about living by a code. Now with the debut of their own label, the group can fully exercise that code. “There’s a right way, a wrong way, and now there’s our way.”  Characterize it as rebellion, call it anti-establishment, or perhaps it’s a little bit of symbolic of an elusive time when there actually was Honor among thieves, but the Bandits simply see it as lessons learned from experience.

Thematically, Tex and Bird describe the Gold Rush album as homage not only to the band’s career journey but also, and profoundly, “a journey about the people we have come in contact with.  The people that inspire our songs.”  This is especially true of the track “Two Bar Town” which speaks volumes of the brick and mortar, mom and pop’s, local friends and corner watering holes that truly provided the foundation of everyday life, culture and economics in America. Tex says the theme is all about the ‘small town’ and despite the fact that ‘small towns’ have naturally changed with time that doesn’t mean you have to, you can still be proud of where you came from and keep those memories forever.

Long before people figured out country and rap had a lot in common, the Moonshine Bandits released their genre-blending album, “Whiskey & Women,” and took the world of outlaw music by storm. The group’s blue-collar work ethic and unwavering persistence has led to over 60 million views on the ShinerTV YouTube channel – collectively over 80 million views on YouTube – while their video for “My Kind of Country” peaked at #1 on CMT Pure. The Bandits also charted Billboard simultaneously with a top 10 in Rap and a top 20 in Country Music and have been Recognized by Rolling Stone Magazine, CMT, Youtube Honors, MTV, AOL THE BOOT, YAHOO, and the list goes on.  Connecting with fans on all levels, Moonshine Bandits have built a solid “Shiner Nation” of loyal fans, started their own 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization known as Operation Packing Company, Inc. that specializes in sending supplies to our Troops Overseas, Beef Jerky and legal Moonshine. The Bandits earned a 2018 Telly Award for their “Take This Job” music video featuring David Allan Coe.

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Friday, May 27, 2022
8:00 PM


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