Eddie Palmieri


Eddie Palmieri, a celebrated pianist, bandleader, and composer, has been a dominant force in Latin music for over six decades. Born in New York City in 1936, Palmieri’s Puerto Rican heritage and exposure to diverse musical styles fostered his passion for Afro-Caribbean rhythms and jazz. His innovative approach to blending traditional Latin music with jazz elements has earned him numerous accolades, including ten Grammy Awards. Often referred to as “The Latin Sun King,” Palmieri’s distinctive playing style and pioneering fusion of genres have made him an influential figure in the development of salsa and Latin jazz. His impressive discography and collaborations with iconic musicians showcase his ongoing dedication to pushing musical boundaries and cementing his legacy as a living legend in the world of music.

Eddie Palmieri performs at the Swingin’ Stage of the Jacksonville Jazz Festival on May 26.

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Friday, May 26, 2023
6:00 PM


Swingin’ Stage
2 Independent Dr
Jacksonville, FL 32202

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