Hi. Matt here. If it has to do with music at WJCT Public Media, you’ll usually be hearing from me about it. We’ve got this thing called the Jacksonville Music Experience (JME). My co-conspirator in all things music here is the inimitable David Luckin.

But let’s get down to it: you’ve just subscribed to the JME newsletter. 

Whether you're a musician yourself, a passionate consumer of music, or you just want to get into the local scene, thank you for being here. I hope we do our best to match your interest and serve it in all the ways you expect (or don’t expect) from us.

Here’s what’s up with the JME LIVE newsletter on Tuesdays:

🤘🏼 A live update - you’ll get a list of the week’s best concerts happening in and around Jacksonville, from the nationally touring acts on big stages to emerging locals popping up at DIY spots. It’s all about how to see memorable music live

📝 Plus, you’ll see a story or two from our esteemed all-local JME contributor team, reviewing a release or expounding on the significance of a particular musical trend, genre, or phenomena

📍 That’s the main chorus, but you might find a JME event, an interactive map for Jazz Fest, Sing Out Loud or Winterland, or a surprise swag or vinyl offer in the newsletter when we feel like it 🙃

Annnd… a bonus note from us on Fridays (this is new!):

🔂 We’re going to tell you what five tracks my music-expert-friends (JME contributor team, see above) and I are planning to put on repeat over the weekend.

🤳 Each track will link directly on whichever streaming platform you use most, so hit play right there, then come back. Repeat.

This is just what we touch on over email, but did you know we have a full streaming service (of sorts) of our own on jaxmusic.org, 24/7? 

Get listening now to The Independent 89.9 HD4, Jax’s commercial-free music discovery station, take a trip back in time with Anthology 89.9 HD3, or bring peace to your day with Classical 24 89.9 HD2. Also check out our monthly Fresh Squeeze on Spotify – it’s where we put all the best new releases from local, regional, national and international artists each month.

Talk soon!

-Matt Shaw

Editor, the Jacksonville Music Experience