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WJCT is your community, your world.

As a community convener, WJCT brings citizens together to actively engage in matters of civic importance, all to improve the quality of our lives and our community. WJCT helps inform you about the issues that affect day to day life on the First Coast. WJCT goes beyond the sound bite to thoroughly explore the issues, both local and national, with a perspective and insight to what matters most to you.

WJCT brings you in-depth interviews and stories on local, state and national leaders. From mayoral and sheriff debates to First Coast Forum specials that explore topics including violent crime and environmental issues affecting the St. Johns River, WJCT connects you to the people and stories that make an impact on our community.

The WJCT News website is a one-stop shop for First Coast residents looking for the latest news stories from WJCT and NPR. WJCT’s First Read, a special feature of wjctnews.org, brings you stories from the First Coast, around Florida and across the country and delivers them directly to your email inbox! The biggest decision makers and influential members of the First Coast business community listen to First Coast Connect, one of WJCT’s flagship programs.

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